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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    U.S. researchers say the discovery of a vaccine that blocks the action of cocaine on the brains of mice could lead to addiction treatments for humans.

    Scientists at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York say the vaccine binds to, and sequesters, cocaine molecules before the drug reaches the brains of the animals, preventing any cocaine-related hyperactivity, a Cornell University release said Tuesday.

    "Our very dramatic data shows that we can protect mice against the effects of cocaine, and we think this approach could be very promising in fighting addiction in humans," Dr. Ronald G. Crystal, a professor of genetic medicine at Weill Cornell who was the lead investigator, said.

    The vaccine effect in mice lasted for at least 13 weeks, the researchers said.

    "While other attempts at producing immunity against cocaine have been tried, this is the first that will likely not require multiple, expensive infusions, and that can move quickly into human trials," Crystal said. "There is currently no FDA-approved vaccine for any drug addiction."

    Funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the study was published in the online edition of Molecular Therapy.

    Jan. 4, 2011



  1. Terrapinzflyer
    the Abstract:

    Cocaine Analog Coupled to Disrupted Adenovirus: A Vaccine Strategy to Evoke High-titer Immunity Against Addictive Drugs

    Based on the concept that anticocaine antibodies could prevent inhaled cocaine from reaching its target receptors in the brain, an effective anticocaine vaccine could help reverse cocaine addiction. Leveraging the knowledge that E1−E3− adenovirus (Ad) gene transfer vectors are potent immunogens, we have developed a novel vaccine platform for addictive drugs by covalently linking a cocaine analog to the capsid proteins of noninfectious, disrupted Ad vector. The Ad-based anticocaine vaccine evokes high-titer anticocaine antibodies in mice sufficient to completely reverse, on a persistent basis, the hyperlocomotor activity induced by intravenous administration of cocaine.

    Martin J Hicks, Bishnu P De, Jonathan B Rosenberg, Jesse T Davidson, Amira Y Moreno, Kim D Janda, Sunmee Wee, George F Koob, Neil R Hackett, Stephen M Kaminsky, Stefan Worgall, Miklos Toth, Jason G Mezey and Ronald G Crystal

    Molecular Therapy , (4 January 2011) | doi:10.1038/mt.2010.280


    I have requested the full paper for the archives.
  2. chaos69
    I wonder how many people would want to take a permanent vaccine to cocaine? That was always a problem for swiC's brother, he wanted to not be addicted to heroin anymore but didn't want to never use it again. But when you have a serious addiction you can't have it both ways I guess.

    Imagine if they made drug vaccines apart of the vaccines every kid gets at school!!! That would suck.
  3. chaos69
    What would be an even scarier thought would be if they could do this with the living virus (I use that term loosely considering these are viruses hence they aren't actually life) and allow it to naturally spread through the population like any other cold virus and making the whole population immune to cocaine and other drugs!
  4. catseye
    I just wonder why the sudden news announcement/media interest in this as the vaccine (2 different ones actually) has been in development using rodent models since the mid to late '90's with one of them going through (small) Phase I & Phase II medical trials with former cocaine users about 10 years ago :confused: Any ideas?
    I haven't yet gotten hold of the Mol Therapy article to read in full so forgive me if its covered in there!
  5. chaos69
  6. 80sbaby
    truth is people, in sum secret lab they probally have already done human trials.

    also, this bothers me, here we go. first, a person goes to cocaine because they like the effects, but give him a vaccine to be numb to cocaine, is not going to stop him from doing mephedrone, or shoot heroin, hell still be a junkie, so dont go thinkin you can innoculate us one day and say ok, we dont have to worry anymore, hes cured. bullshit.
    also, what if the person were to use cocaine after having done this vaccine, and because they did not feel effects from cocaine, they used more, would this result in many overdoses you think?? and more deaths??
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