Valium overdose shoplifter thought he was invisible

By G_nome · Aug 1, 2009 · ·
  1. G_nome
    A SHOPLIFTER was so high on an overdose of Valium that he believed he had become "The Invisible Man" and could not be seen as he stole items from the shelves of a local store.

    But shop staff in the TK Maxx store at the Linwood Retail Park in Paisley were watching Robert Crawford closely as he took jewellery and toiletries without paying.
    And after he was nabbed and handed over to police on July 24, Crawford, 23, admitted committing the offence when he appeared in custody at Paisley Sheriff Court.
    Crawford, of Ferguslie Park Avenue, Paisley, was remanded further after Sheriff Desmond Leslie was told the accused was on probation and was under regular review by Sheriff Mairi Mactaggart, whom he was due to appear before on August 13 as part of the procedure.
    Explaining the offence, the solicitor said: “He took quantities of Valium on the day in question and believed he was invisible.”

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  1. EscapeDummy
    I've never heard of people believing such fantastic things happen to their body on valium. Strange.
  2. Subvert
    Someone definately needs to lay off the blues. :laugh:
    You'd think someone "overdosing" on it would fall asleep long before doing something so stupid but It's possible he's just using that as an excuse.
  3. SullyGuy
    SWIM doesn't think it was valium, there was another benzo with the well known side effect of making users feel invisible. Perhaps it was easier to say "valium"?

    Or I could be completely wrong :p
  4. ninjaned
    yeah, this isn't sounding like valium. maybe he was on something else and didn't want to admit it?
  5. ex-junkie
    no not at all. shoplifting is quite a common occurance for people who take large quantities of benzos. even people who wouldnt normally do such a thing. swims got loads of mates who have done this.
  6. Dickon
    SullyGuy, I've never heard of that: which one? I find the idea of a well known side effect of making users feel invisible hard to believe, but it would be a very interesting effect if true. Cat has never felt invisible on benzos, and he's tried a fair few of them. Now when it comes to dribbling, slurring, falling over, and sleeping, that I would believe!!

  7. anonuser30500
    Judge should have sentenced him to 6 months until he became visible again.
  8. Electrolingus
    My hamster never thinks he's invisible, but he sure as hell turns into a klepto when he takes benzos. He would no sooner think of stealing a loaf of bread if he was starving to death when he's sober. This poor guy probably didn't actually believe he was invisible. This just sounds like a logical thing to say from an intoxicated benzo users perspective.;)
  9. Rainbowzz

    last time swim was on benzos(not even much! 4mg! swim had just had a BAD BAD panic day so took 2 of her 2mg pills) she suddenly had to take miniRainbowzz to the hospital(they were at her great aunts and they found one of her pain pills IN HIS HAND off the floor, swim was TERRIFIED he might have swallowed one so she took him for a tox screen to be sure)(ps, wow this makes swim sound like the worst parent ever, but its completely circumstantial. Great aunt is 81 and has cancer so she sometimes drops pills due to shaking and pain in hands).. anyways, they had no way to get back across the village but to walk, and swim couldnt carry him all that way, so she yoinked the wheelchair from the front, a couple of blankets, and a toy from the kids section(a big blue elephant) and off they went. NO. FEAR.AT ALL.
    please note, swim DEFINETLY returned the wheelchair immediately the next morning..didnt explain or anything just said "we had to use it"..they didnt complain or anything, they just said ok, nexttime tell

    As for the elephant, miniRainbowzz decided he liked it, so we kept that:p
  10. paragoric
    yes, benzos will make you shoplift...and swim thought he was the only one...Swim one time walked into a chain store , ripped of the tags, and put on the sunglasses and walked right out of the store..another time swim took a "dremel" (worth 200 USD)a smallish electric drill, put it under swim shirt and it could clearly be seen, and it set of the alarm...swim calmly got in his car and left...swim would never do that sober, wouldn't dream of it....only happens when swim take those damn xan. bars
  11. enhancion01
    One of swims good friends got arrested for breaking into a girls car in front of her house and telling her to fuck off (while stealing her shit) when she told him to get out. Swim's friend was high as fuck on xanax and didint care that she was there....
  12. cnajob
    hey--swim took a bunch of benzos for withdrawal yesterday---then--swim went on a date with this guy from work. i know for a fact that swim was invisible: b/c not a soul saw me fucking him in his car:)
  13. cnajob
    did i say me? wasn't me.... it was swim fucking in the car w/ the guy @ work.
  14. G_nome
    Aye, back in the day my pet would often go over to that same retail park, as that guy who thought he was invisible, in the wee small hours of the morning and just grab random shit off the shelves, shit that he didn't even want or need really, and stick the shit in his pockets. Stuff like tomato plant seeds (?!). But he was also buying stuff too at the same time.
    What is it with valium and them making you more prone to shoplifting?

    And i really doubt that guy thought he was invisible, it's just an excuse.
    He comes from a pretty fucked up family, his dad's currently in jail for raping a 79 year old woman back in 1989. Though he only eventually got done for that like 12 years after the crime happened, new dna evidence came up. The fucking beast.
    Was a pretty scary guy though. No one would mess with him. But no one thought he would have ever done something as fucked up as that.

    What a world we live in eh.
  15. xSarahJ
    hahahahahahahaha omg that's ridiculous.
  16. fuelBrain
    HAHAHHA man that one had me goin... that should be a quote of the day, sharp
  17. Piglet
    Yes, people on BIG doses of benzos DO sometimes think that they are invisible. Usually, the police call the guys with big butterfly nets and padded cells to deal with the problem. That exact series of events used to be more prevalent with temazapam (now class A in the UK) being the chief culprit.
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