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  1. BB1988

    Braided locks of Gold.
    A beauty in shining armor,
    standing firm and bold.

    Overlooking an abyss of fire and brimstone,
    smoke hovering over the only home she'd ever known.

    Her heart heavier than a sword being pulled from stone.
    She steadied her reins forward,
    on into the forlorn.

    She sang a song of tragedy and despair:

    " War you leave me weary.
    War you leave me thirsty.
    War you leave me empty.
    Only I am to decide their destiny.
    A burden in which I will never be set free.
    For I am a Valkyrie."

    This is a short excerpt of a story I would like to someday write. Along with a photo of a drawing I made. In Norse Mythology the Valkyrie is left with the grueling task of deciding who will live and who will die in battle. She takes the dead to the afterlife of the Slain known as "Valhalla."

    Do we not all face grueling tasks in our own lives? Not as so great as who lives and who dies, but each day we are faced with tough decisions. Those decisions affect our lives in a multitude of ways. From the direct physical consequences of our choices, to the internal emotions that we are left to deal with afterwards.

    How we handle these decisions are what ultimately shape our existence and who we become. Though not easy, this is our duty in life and we must learn not to become prisoners of our own choices.

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  1. Cwb20022
    And once again you write so beautifully. Have you ever thought of being a writer or author of some sort? Your writing is very understandable and relatable.

    Just want to say once again i really relate to you and your life.

    Just keep on keeping on. Like we always will and have to do.

    Peace there Bb. I wish the best for you.
  2. BB1988
    Thank you very much! I appreciate it alot. And actually I have thought of becoming a writer. This post, "Valkyrie", and my other blog entitled " Cupid" are prompts to two different books I would like to write. My problem is, that I am very critical of myself, and doubt that I have the skills to actually write a whole book. I need to find what my forte is. Novels? Short stories? Poems? I am unsure. I do know that I have a lot of ideas. I only wish I had the confidence that a lot of other people appear to have.

    Just out of curiosity what do you think of the drawing posted with it? My drawings always come out a bit cartoonish and I dont know rather I should embrace it as my style or work on getting more realistic.
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