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Vaportini alcohol inhalation craze 'could kill'

By Hey :-), Mar 7, 2014 | | |
  1. Hey :-)
    People could die thanks to a new alcohol craze called Vaportini which involves lighting your booze and inhaling the vapour, the fire brigade has warned.

    The Vaportini, which comes with a glass sphere which sits above a lit tea light in a pint glass, is expected to be the summer craze for 18 to 35-year-olds when made available in bars, clubs and festivals across the country.

    It claims to have "almost no calories; no carbs, no impurities and the effects of consuming alcohol" but there are no safety warnings are on the Vaportini website.

    But the London Fire Brigade says heating alcohol in this way could increase the risk of someone having a serious fire which could destroy their home or even kill them.

    Group manager Mark Hazelton said: "Any product which encourages people to light candles when consuming alcohol is a concern to us.

    "We don’t want to sound like killjoys, but products like the Vaportini could lead to a worrying rise in the number of people being burned and causing fires while drunk."

    Photograph NS; Vaportini alcohol inhalation 'could kill'
    Thursday 6 March 2014
    NS News


  1. Potter
    shitty story, poorly written and confusing.

    Instead of " Any product which encourages people to light candles when consuming alcohol is a concern to us." this inane nonsense which basically said 50% of wine ads are some sort of sin, they could have said something useful like:
    "Vaporized alcohol is highly explosive and flames more then a foot away can easily jump and start a fire."

    There actually is a risk here, I recently had white-gas vapors jump over a foot from a candle and re-start an extinguished prop, indoors, in front of an audience. There was still fuel in the hot wicks evaporating. I could easily see a huge flare up if something like the above product was knocked over near a source of open flame.

    But instead it comes across like this guy thinks drunk people will knock over candles and that most alcohol ads are some how dangerous. Hint, you can apply a blow-torch to your strongest wine and it's not going to ignite, but vaporize some 80proof and light, it will go up like a flambe.
  2. Hey :-)
    I do not find the story confusing.

    I cannot see anything in it about wine ads, 50%'s or sin.
    I agree with Potter here, the story makes it seem like the combination of alcohol and candles being the issue, and says nothing of the fact that igniting the vapor is the most prominent danger. The title is also slightly misleading, despite it mentioning the fire department, I was expecting the danger to come from inhaling fuckin' alcohol, which doesn't seem like it would be a fantastic idea.

    BEAYOUTIFULL added 1 Minutes and 8 Seconds later...

    Actually, the main title "Vaportini alcohol inhalation craze 'could kill'" doesn't mention fires being the danger at all
  4. Hey :-)
    Just because the danger of igniting vapour itself has not been mentioned does not mean that inhaling alcohol vapour by candles is not an issue.
  5. al-k-mist
    uh, afoaf, less than 3 hours ago, pushed on the lid of a 30L fermentation chamber, and the smell rose and burned my nostrils.
    and it is probably only 14 % alcohol now(21% in 5 days with 48h turbo (distillers )yeast)
    why would someone want to smell ethanol vapors? especially heated? ive smelled the stuff being distilled, and not got a buzz....

    a lot of wine ads have sensual images like bath/candle, etc. that was potters point
  6. Hockeydemon
    Vaportini ~$50..

    250ml Round bottom flask with common beer glass and candle $15. Literally looks the same too.
  7. Potter

    The part I find "confusing" is the implication that alcohol and candles is bad in itself. Most people will read this and think back to the millions of people who have not died from a romantic dinner.

    Instead of highlighting a very real and unique danger, he just makes some vague, disconnected statement.
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