Vast underground grow house busted

By Phungushead · May 8, 2009 · ·
  1. Phungushead
    Vast underground grow house busted

    DELEON SPRINGS, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) - On Tuesday, Volusia County deputies found one of the most elaborate marijuana growing operations ever seen in the county's history, according to investigators.

    Authorities were responding to complaints of unusual activity around a home located at 1260 Cherokee Drive in DeLeon Springs. The homeowner returned while law enforcement officers were on scene, but he attempted to flee as he was approached by deputies.

    Upon being granted permission to search the residence by the homeowner, deptuies discovered a workbench in the garage which had a trapdoor built into its base. Under that door was a hole in the concrete floor that led to an 65-foot underground tunnel.

    The crawlspace tunnel opened up into an underground bedroom complete with a bed, monitors hooked up to surveillance cameras, a computer and loaded weapons.

    Another room opened up into a fully equipped grow room with air conditioning, irrigation and a wall panel bristling with wires and electrical outlets. Yet another grow room was found beyond the first one.

    Orestes Olmo, 38, was arrested and transported to the Volusia County Branch Jail in Daytona Beach Monday night charged with aggravated assault, resisting arrest without violence, possession of a concealed weapon, and possession of a stolen weapon.

    On Tuesday he was also charged with cultivation of marijuana with intent to distribute, maintain a residence to manufacture marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

    Also on Tuesday, investigators obtained a search warrant for a storage unit in Orange City rented by Olmo. About eight pounds of processed marijuana was discovered there.

    Tuesday, May 05, 2009

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  1. Ilsa
    great article....the cat lived in orlando for 4 years or so, 2001 to 2005. maybe she smoked some his product here and there. ntrsting.
  2. Yetti

    This person's whole world may not have gone to complete shit if he had just said "No officers, you may not search my residence; unless you have a warrant that is".
  3. nibble
    They probably had a warrant anyway, just letting them search would be far less suspicious while if he had denied they would know for sure he had something to hide.
  4. old hippie 56
    Wonder what they call unusual activities nowadays?
  5. pinksox
    SWIM's guess would be "increased traffic at all hours."

    SWIM hasta say, he had a pretty ingenious setup going on there. Sorta of a rat tipping them off or a dog hitting on the bench and warranting a closer look, SWIM doubts they woulda found it.

    One should never rent storage lockers in owns own name, and should have all bills sent to a PO box(also not in SWIY's name), and pay with cash.
  6. Yetti

    I totally disagree with this statement. LEO is well trained at finding hidden goodies and the ONLY reason they ever ask to search someone is in hopes of finding something in which to bust them with. If there is probable cause for a warrant, good for them, they can attain one. If not, fuck them. Always better to assert your rights IMHO.

    From reading the article, SWIM thinks it was a "knock and talk". Too bad this guy agreed thinking his setup was hidden well enough.
  7. nibble
    Perhaps but if he denied they would return in a number of hours with one, "suspicious activity" and denying consent to search his premises would probably be considered enough grounds for a judge to grant one. And this was not exactly the kind of set-up that could be destroyed in just a few hours, he was screwed either way if you ask me..
  8. Yetti
    SWIM can not speak for what any one judge will do, but based solely on the law, this statement is completely 100% false and a good defense lawyer could have the warrant declared invalid.

    Dismantling his whole grow operation may not have been feasible, but a few hours is certaintly enough time to maybe:
    1) Burn the whole damned house down. I wouldn't recomend this one but it's an option.
    2) Pack a bag and haul ass out of town.
    3) Do whatever he wants in his last few hours of freedom. (Maybe see if he can break his personal best record and smoke a pound of weed in one sitting)

    Either way, it is SWIM's personal motto to never hand the police the rope you want to be hanged with. SWIM prefers to make them do all the work when it comes to busting his ass.

    Good discussion.

    [EDIT: SWIM is referring to law in the United States, he noticed SWI Nibble is from Ireland and admits he has no knowledge of Irish law or customs.]
  9. Alfa
    There are several inconsistancies in this article. The person that engineered this setup is clearly not the average person. So I doubt that this person would agree to a search, unless the entrance was very well concealed.
    It indeed sounds like the police acted upon insider information, but i can only guess.
    I would love more information and as many pics as possible. Does anyone have access to more information?
  10. Master_Khan
    Thank God we are getting closer daily to the end of Marijuana prohibition in the USA. Please Mr. President, if you want to start trimming the budget, why not lay off the Narcs first and do us all a huge favor!
  11. FreeBliss
    I agree with Yetti you dont give them permision to search shit. Not your car or your house even if you dont have anything. Fuck em. Ask them may i search through your car or your house see how they like it. This is america they aint got no more rights then you do.

    I would also like to know what brought out suspicion. and how the hell did he get all that dirt out. Digging that would bring out enough suspicion.
  12. kailey_elise
    Declining a search request specifically is NOT grounds for a search warrant.

    If they have to ask, then they more likely than not do NOT have enough info to get a warrant - that's why they are trying to get you to do the dirty work for them!

    Never never never consent to a search. EVER. Yes, they may be pricks & search you anyway, yes, you may end up in jail for the night or whatever, but with a lawyer there's a damn good chance you can get that illegal search tossed out...which will probably get the whole case thrown out.

    As stated, NEVER give LE the rope to hang yourself by. Fuck that - even if you don't have anything to hide, decline that search. Make them do their fucking job! It also helps people look less 'suspicious' if people who have nothing to hide ALSO don't consent to searches, just to stick up for their rights.

    ~Kailey, who realizes this an old article, but felt this point needed to be made again...
  13. fuzelogic
    Authorities were responding to complaints of unusual activity probably was the power company reporting a "large" amount of power being consumed for the size of the house.

    Although, I'm sure the hated to turn in a good customer!
  14. Terrapinzflyer
    I am amazed this thread got bumped after 2 years for this discussion...That said- from what is presented- had I been in his situation I would have consented to the search as well. Depending on how well one can play it- sometimes consenting to a search seeds doubts in the cops minds- and if you believe things are hidden well enough to survive a cursory search it can indeed be the right call.

    Sometimes the cops are going to search- and if they are forced through to getting paper they are much more likely to tear the place apart then they are on a consensual search. And if this was a situation where they were going to be forced to get paper- he would have been detained if he tried to leave (and possibly detained regardless) while they found a judge to sign off.

    I can't begin to say how many "I know my rights" types have gotten busted in situations where "I know how to read the situation" type folks have walked away... He was screwed either way and made the correct gamble....
  15. FreeBliss
    Yea I didnt know it was 2 years old, Its sweet though That guy was a geniuse. One time swi got pulled over for a dirty license plate (sorry excuse to pull someone over) and after gving me a warning ask if he can search swi's car. swi said "no" He said "why if you have nothing to hide bla bla bla then you have no worrys" I said no" he said "why" I said "no becuase i know my rights" he said "ok have a nice day" lol

    swi had nothin in his car. It seems like they always want to search his car. I think its somtihng they got in there computer on him. He doesnt want to be a dick to police any more but he has thought about asking the cop if he can search there car next time.

    I know when you actualy have somthing to hide theres more nervouseness and they can sense that but if you can check that and remember you pay there pay check via taxes they work for you and you have rights.
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