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  1. enquirewithin
    The Qaballistic Tree of Life was very important to the Golden Dawn and therefore Crowley's thinking. The correspondences to the sephiroth and paths are very significant to occult practitioners, it is said. (Leary's 8 Circuit brain model was a modernized version.)[imgl=red]http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/blog_attachment.php?attachmentid=30&stc=1&d=1260933873[/imgl]The most important source of correspondences are found in Liber 777, which was actually the work of McGregor-Mathers, Alan Bennett and Crowley.

    there are some drug correspondences, although Crowley didn't develop this aspect much, and had a very limited range of drugs to work with.

    Here are some correspondences (via a from Thelemapedia web site):

    The 10 Sephiroth

    1 Kether: Elixir Vitæ
    2 Chokmah: Hashish, Cocaine
    3 Binah: Belladonna, Soma
    4 Chesed: Opium
    5 Geburah: Nux Vomica, Nettle, Cocaine, Atropine
    6 Tiphareth: Stramonium, Alcohol, Digitalis, Coffee
    7 Netzach: Damiana, Cannabis Indica, Anhalonium
    8 Hod: Anhalonium Lewinii, Cannabis Indica
    9 Yesod: Orchid Root
    10 Malkuth: Corn

    The 22 Paths

    The Elements

    11 Aleph (Air): Peppermint
    23 Mem (Water): Caseara, all purges
    31 Shin (Fire): —
    32-bis (Earth): —
    31-bis (Spirit): Stramonium

    The Planets

    12 Beth (Mercury): All cerebral excitants
    13 Gimel (Luna): Jupiter, Pennyroyal, & all emmenogogues
    14 Daleth (Venus): All aphrodisiacs
    21 Kaph (Jupiter): Cocaine
    27 Pé (Mars): —
    30 Resh (Sol): Alcohol
    32 Tau (Saturn): —

    The Zodiac

    15 Hé (Aries): All cerebral excitants
    16 Vau (Taurus): Sugar
    17 Zain (Gemini): Ergot and ecbolics
    18 Cheth (Cancer): Watercress
    19 Teth (Leo): All carminatives and tonics
    20 Yod (Virgo): All anaphrodisiacs
    22 Lamed (Libra): Tobacco
    24 Nun (Scorpio): —
    25 Samekh (Sagittarius): —
    26 Ayin (Capricorn): Orchis, Satyrion
    28 Tzaddi (Aquarius): All diuretics
    29 Qoph (Pisces): All narcotics



  1. Alfa
    Im not following the reasoning behind the attribution to the sephiroth like described above.
  2. enquirewithin
    I don't think the attribution of drugs to the sephiroth was well developed at all.
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