Venezuela Bans Family Guy

By chillinwill · Sep 26, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    Of all the stunts Family Guy has pulled on national, and international television networks, an episode promoting marijuana usage might lean on the innocuous side of things. Nevertheless, it was enough for Venezuelan authorities to fine cable companies that continue to air the series.

    In the recent episode, "420," Brian and Stewie start a campaign to legalize marijuana in the fictional town of Quahog. According to the Associated Press, Justice Minister Tareck El Aissami was outraged by the subject, and is issuing Venezuela's telecommunication's regulator to ban the show from all networks and to fine those that do not comply.

    The incident is nothing new to Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, who's show has already been kicked off the air at least two times for things like the "I Need A Jew" ditty of Season Three's "When You Wish Upon a Weinstein," and the unaired "abortion episode" where Peter Griffin boldly give his two cents by declaring, "If God wanted us to kill babies, he'd make them all Chinese girls."

    Based on the show's controversial track record, there's a good chance this won't be the last trouble we hear about from Family Guy.

    By Gage Henry
    September 25, 2009
    Paste Magazine

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  1. Nature Boy
    Hahahahaha!!! This is the best news ever. Fuck you Family Guy! That show is poisonous to humanity. Take that Seth McWankstain, you over-paid, talentless, King of the Hill-murdering piece of shit. Shove your $100m contract up your ass. Whatever about Hugo Chavez, this move puts out a message. There are many great things about America, but Family Guy epitomizes everything that's wrong with it.
  2. beentheredonethatagain
    i too hate that show, the dad looks like he has a ball sack for a chin :laugh:
  3. welshmick
    I like Family Guy - Politiclly correct is so boring :)
  4. Smirnoff
    well as long as they don't ban in where SWIM lives ..... its just sad for venezulians (however you call them)
  5. runitsthepolice
    Whatever you might think about family guy, you have to admit that censorship cannot be tolerated. I mean seriously if you don't like it, don't watch it.
  6. Nature Boy
    Family Guy isn't some kind of satirical masterpiece that challenges contemporary notions about societal norms and expectations. It's just mindless rabbit shit. Something is politically incorrect if there's actual reasoning behind it. FG is perfectly summarized by South Park in their Cartoon Wars episodes. It really does seem like a bunch of random set-pieces flung together by a group of manatees.

    Oh I'm totally against censorship but I'll make one exception and that is Family Guy. I think it's bloody well hilarious than members of the Venezuelean government actually sat down, assessed the negative consequences of watching that awful, awful show and decided to flat-out prohibit its viewing. Family Guy is a brand of smut far worse than child porn or execution videos IMO. :laugh:
  7. EscapeDummy
    Haha, Nature Boy. I do have to agree with you, Family Guy to me is like the McDonalds of cartoons, it 'tastes good' (is funny...or used to be), but you're actually eating shit.

    The Simpsons is a thousand times more intelligent. Futurama ten thousand. Also like NB said, South Park absolutely nailed them in Cartoon Wars, which makes them quite a few orders of magnitude more intelligent and satirical. I first saw Family Guy in 7th grade - and thought it was the best show ever. I think I grew out of it by 10th grade... it's basically a more coherent form of something like Robot Chicken, but its trying to actually be an intelligent show. And fails.
  8. chinpokomaster
    I hate that programme as well. Overrated, unfunny, incoherent, annoying, derivative, inconsistent, sporadic and unimaginative.

    The characters are weak as shit too. Mostly based around silly voices.
  9. chinpokomaster
  10. Lokibee
    Family Guy rocks! when we quit being able to laugh at ourselvs thats the real disapointment! :vibes:
  11. EscapeDummy
    I can laugh at myself, just not at Family Guy.
  12. chinpokomaster
    Wait... you're not that politician who looks like Peter Griffin are you?
  13. I_8_my yellow crayon
    Its television for god sake, like the above said, if you don't like it, don't watch it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion as its a free country, well kinda..... I watch family guy, I own every season of it and american dad also. There are definatly better shows on tv, but I still watch it. I find the new wave of tv is horrible. Reality?...come on. I enjoy the old shows the most. I have an extensive collection of past tv shows. I will say I do find that show offensive at times. I will be honest and say a few years ago I used to laugh when they made fun of jews, black people, mexicans and such. But the first episode I saw that had them making fun of cancer victims(children at that, my grandfather had just died of cancer) and making fun of indians( I am a status indian myself), it really hit home as it extremely offended me.
    I know its all just comdedy and they make fun of everyone equally, but it still upset me in a way, and I finally realised how others felt. I no longer laugh at their jokes where racism is concerned, or people with terminal illness and such. I do have to say that until that, I watched the show faithfully, and couldn't wait for the next new episode. But now since I no longer find the types of things I mentioned funny, I really don't get that many laughs out of that show anymore. So I can see how others wouldn't like it. Anyone else that don't like it for the types of reasons I said?
  14. chinpokomaster
    Well said. I hate that fucking shit. ;)

    Oh and for the record, I don't watch it :)
  15. anonuser30500
    Poetry to my ears.

    There are a lot of 'cartoons' which are trying to pull in an adult audience and children also.

    It is the sarcasm, cheap laughs, cynicism and almost porno quality of family guy that sums up a kind of malaise on the very soul of America.

    It is almost as if the very rich are laughing at the very poor, mocking everything sacred, not in some intellectual debate, but on prime time TV in the form of 'cartoons'.

    Given a choice of being addicted to TV or heroin, I actually would need time to think it through.

    I guess a heroin addict gets out more and has more adventures in real life.

  16. SullyGuy
    Finally someone is standing up to that lame excuse for entertainment! It relies purely on shock value and lame gags to survive.

    I can hear the indignant frat boys sobbing into their pillows as we speak.
  17. Oxymorphone

    For the first season or two (or whatever. I don't keep track, i just know it was when the show was new), there were a lot of clever jokes and a complete lack of tact compared to the last thousand or whatever episodes. I guess I've only watched a few in the last few years but they didn't have that same charm that first attracted me to it. That lack of tact did add to the shock value but the show still had something more back then.

    Fucked if I know what that was though. =)

    I think the REASON they banned the show is sad, not the fact that it was banned hehe.
  18. Motorhead
    I like trashy, base, lewd, and nonsensical humour, so ya I like Family Guy. Anyways, its funny to see a latin American country ban an episode about legalizing pot when so many of their neighbors are relaxing their pot laws to some extent. Censorship is bad. Very bad.

    Don't forget to watch the season premier of Family Guy tonight on Fox. lol
  19. SullyGuy
    I'm inclined to agree, I got a chuckle or two from the first couple seasons. But it reallllly declined... :laugh:
  20. Potter
    I just lost a lot of respect for Hugo Chavez. Had he banned that show cause it was lame, that's fine but for pot...
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