Verapamil, Propranolol, Nortriptyline... More intense than DMT&PCP

By TazDevil · Aug 10, 2016 · ·
  1. TazDevil
    Most people don't believe me when I say blood pressure pills and tricyclic antidepressants get me high. Would be interested to see if anyone else shares similar experience?


    Verapamil: 21.6 g (60x max daily dose)

    Propranolol: 2.4 g (240x minimum active dose)

    Nortriptyline: 6.75 g (45x max daily dose)

    Yes you read that correctly. The doses are in grams, not milligrams. My parents are both doctors and tell me that these are all lethal doses and that it will kill me. Nope, I trip a few times a year on this combo. Have done it 5 times in total.

    You can frown on me all you want about "amateur" substances. I have experience with DMT, ketamine, PCP, psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, Fly-Agaric mushrooms, salvia... I once smoked a fat hit of PCP and cannabis at the peak of an ayahuasca trip. None of these have got me higher than my verapamil/propranolol/nortriptyline cocktail.

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  1. DocToxin8
    U have survived it 5 times yes.
    But using the nortryptiline alone in those dosages can stop you heart.

    Why not use SSRI's and such in combination instead?
    That's not safe either, but compared to this its a walk in the park.
    (I used to mix SSRI's, RIMA (moclobemide) and benzos in the past,
    yes it worked for me, but I was used to those compounds.
    If I did the same now I would get serotonin syndrome,
    and I'm not gonna explain the exact compounds even, cause I don't think anyone should replicate what I did. But, it was safe compared to what your doing.)

    In short, you have a heart attack waiting to happen,
    if you haven't already had small heart attacks and not noticed it,
    As heart attacks can be be less noticeable for women, and on top of that your high.

    I urge you to rather get some real drugs, by which I mean recreational drugs.
    They are dangerous if used incorrectly too, but at least you'll find good info on how to use them as safely as possible. And they have a long history of use. What you are doing is unknown territory.
    But we do know that tricyclics antidepressants are very dangerous in high doses.

    I don't mean to preach, and it is interesting to hear your story,
    but urge you to find safer ways to get high.
  2. TazDevil
    Yes, you are spot-on. There is a reason I originally tried this cocktail, and it wasn't by accident or some desperate attempt at getting high on random pills.

    This started as a suicide attempt back in 2014. I had already researched heavily for more than a year and found out how lethal verapamil OD's are (particularly when combined with a nonselective beta blocker like propranolol). I also dug up plenty of info on tricyclic OD's and came to the conclusion that the 3 together would more than likely put me in coma and stop my heart.

    I followed the protocol for general anesthesia by not eating or drinking anything within 12 hours of "induction". Even fasted and limited liquids within the 24 hour mark. I used a 25mg promethazine suppository and 8mg sublingual ondansetron before leaving. Hopped in my car ~4:00am and drove off to a forest hours away so not to be interrupted and resuscitated. Staying out of the ICU or any medical intervention I figured was my best bet.

    I dosed up again 25mg promethazine suppository and 8mg ondansetron before downing the crushed up pills. For the hell of it I also brought as "comfort backups" 45mg hydrocodone and a bunch of zolpidem dissolved in a small bottle of 91% isopropyl alcohol.

    I did everything perfectly down to the dot and still lived. I was shocked and frankly pissed off that it didn't work. I came to well past 24 hours later and had almost zero memory of anything except episodes of blindness, insane hallucinations, snoring and chest pains. Nobody found me mid-way. My breath did not stink of vomit. I had a handful of seizures (I video recorded it... I know I'm a fucked up person lmao). But I did not die, which is weird.

    I had the most intense hallucinations for like 4 days afterward. Literally lived off the junk food and sprite stashed in my trunk the entire time :cool:

    By the way I do have access to "real drugs". If you noticed the list of substances on the bottom of my first post I am not a rookie to classic hallucinogens. I'm telling you the things I see, feel, and experience after these overdoses are more intense than any other drug I've tried. Dreaming while awake, contact with other entities, delirium (like trees and flowers talking to me), micropsia/macropsia, feeling like I can levitate... DMT with some PCP analogue (dealer didn't know exactly what it was) didn't even get me as far.

    I know the cocktail is suicidal, that's the whole point. The tripping is just a bonus I accidentally stumbled upon and is something I can look forward to. If it kills me I'd be a happy camper, if it doesn't I still get to live out in a beautiful forest alone for a week while feeling like I'm crawling through worm holes and making friends with the plants and animals. Definitely weird but it sure beats the outside world!
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