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Very uncertain. Kind of frightened. Not really happy.

By infekt · Feb 10, 2009 · ·
  1. infekt
    So..yeah...swim, as some of you may know, had a relapse not too long ago. During this period, I guess swim had dropped dirty for his PO. Now Swim is maybe (though likely) looking at 90 days in county, he has his court date on march 17th. Swim is frustrated because this was a "slip" and not a "fall", and swim got right back onto his feet. He has passed every drug test since, and intends to pass them all in the future.

    The thing that really fucks with me is that swim is in school right now, and if he happens to have to go to jail, than all this effort he's putting in now won't matter, he'll have to withdraw. So he's wondering whether he should continue to go to school. But it's not clear, because he doesn't even know if he's going to jail or not.

    If a dope fiend goes to jail, he comes out as a dope fiend. This is usually true. What would help swim more in his recovery and becoming a model contributing upstanding citizen? Staying in school working towards his career (which also keeps him busy and out of trouble), or rotting a couple months in jail (where he can learn more ways to do crimes and where he can sit around all day and think about heroin)?

    agh. future is not looking bright.


  1. Metomni
    School is good and SWIY is not only doing the right thing, but showing those who are persecuting him that he desires to further himself. Penguin hopes everything works out alright friend, it sounds like SWIY is really trying hard. :)
  2. Ilsa
    is there any chance that swiy could get some leniency? if not, then there is damage control. swiy's decision to withdraw from classes should not seriously affect his gpa, and if swiy can have his books in county then maybe he could distract himself with study? swim knows this must feel like a terrible setback, but swiy has come so far.....it's a lot to ask of anyone to try to keep going when they are as exhausted mentally and emotionally as swiy must feel, but if swiy can beat H, then swiy swim sincerely thinks swiy can find it in himself to push through this difficult time and be stubborn and figure out ways to keep busy with work and study, even in jail. maybe meditation could help too, if swiy is so inclined. swim feels for swiy and is offering unsolicited advice she knows, and does not mean to impose or offend. she sends you all her best thoughts. keep posting, feel free to pm if swiy needs to vent.
  3. infekt
    Thanks for the words everyone, just trying to get some perspective on this. Swim has made the decision he is not going withdraw from classes just yet. Maybe that will give swim some leniency in the courts. But who knows?
  4. Ilsa
    let us know how it goes...and maybe read up on swiy's rights in the situation and similar cases in your area so swiy can get an idea what to do...hell there may be some info here on the forum in the law and order area. my cat wil quit pummeling you with suggestions....for now ;)

    relax for now if possible.

  5. scimor
    maybe talk to your instructors or the institution, possibly working out a solution that involves taking courses over or picking up where SWI left off, I dont know, just a thought. Hang in there it can only get better!
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