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  1. Beenthere2Hippie
    Curtis Green, a former Silk Road lieutenant, was sentenced Friday to time served and four years of supervised release by a federal judge in Baltimore. As one of the top employees of the underground drug marketplace, Green faced felony drug charges in 2013 after being arrested. Soon after, he took a plea deal. Green was also known as “chronicpain” in the Silk Road community.

    Famously, Ross Ulbricht (as Dread Pirate Roberts) believed he killed Green. Ulbricht was under the impression that Green had stolen money from Silk Road, when in fact that money was stolen by two corrupt Baltimore-based federal agents. Drug Enforcement Administration agent Carl Mark Force played the part of the fictitious hitman who “killed” Green and sent a photo to Ulbricht.

    Meanwhile, Silk Road judge denies Ross Ulbricht's bid for a new trial.

    When it turned out that Force was one of two law enforcement officials who were involved in a conspiracy to steal from Silk Road for their own benefit, Green became a cooperating witness in the investigations of those agents. He testified in the sentencing hearing of Shaun Bridges, the corrupt Secret Service agent.
    At that hearing in December 2015, Green said he was the one who educated Bridges on how to use Bitcoin.

    "Mr. Bridges kept asking me how to get in and asking specifically how to change the password," Green continued. "I turned my computer toward him to actually show him exactly how to do it and I think I showed him more than once and in fact, later on right before he left to go move the bitcoins, he asked me to show him one more time to make sure that he knew exactly. It was fairly complicated. He set me up to take the fall."

    By Cyrus Fariver - arstechnica /Jan. 29, 2016
    Newshawk Crew

    Author Bio

    BT2H is a retired news editor and writer from the NYC area who, for health reasons, retired to a southern US state early, and where BT2H continues to write and to post drug-related news to DF.


  1. Viking_Vixxen
    OK, this bites because Green and DPR (Ulbricht) were completely reamed by the CIA, NSA and FBI. Their well-established place at the top and carefully seeded power was being threatened by what they perceived Ulbricht, the Silk Road and those of his ilk represented. And so they went out to nip it in the bud with a quickness. However, in the process of conducting this case, these agencies totally disregarded every legal tenet of national security. They went over, beyond and through all safe-guards set in place to protect and secure public privacy. Not only did these men investigate Ulbricht but they used suspect evidence gathering, coercion, illegal bribery/extortion, unlawful obtaining of evidence and created downright false charges to name just a few of their tactics.
    I am not talking about the usual due course actions necessary while conducting such investigations like insider infiltration, building trust, manipulation, etc. Those tactics are sanctioned, official and above board and were certainly utilized, as well. I am referring to the illegal and shady strategies they employed but did not report. The FBI has admitted their use of undercover agents and tactics is on a drastic up tick. In a recent New York Times article it states that “federal government has significantly expanded undercover operations in recent years, with officers from at least 40 agencies posing as business people, welfare recipients, political protesters and even doctors or ministers to ferret out wrongdoing.”
    “Ferreting- out wrongdoing” is one thing, but what I am referring to, as is the case with Mr. Ulbricht, is carrying out unscrupulous, illegal breaches of public privacy and then denying it when specifically questioned about them later in court under oath. (See: the question re: how they garnered info or discovery of the main server which handled the data on Silk Road's clientele).
    If you study up on the early inception of Silk Road and the impetus behind its creation, you’d see how Ulbricht was never setting out to become a drug dealer. He truly refused to handle anything hardcore, (though it could be argued that tha changed as the money piled up and the relative “fame” took hold). He himself remained low profile and was not intricately involved in any illegal dealings from what I have gathered. He was mostly concerned with the business end of things and creating a mutual "community" among those who visited his site and its affiliates. It was like a movement or club to him rather than a direct money-making enterprise or subversive anti-establishment work-around to the current government's laws and regulations. Ulbricht ran a clean, organized ship and he valued moral reasoning highly amidst the politically liberal beliefs you would come to expect from an astute, forward-thinking, hip college student of the 'oughts.
    Having then "bought out" the supposedly sacred supposedly "super secret" location and company/owners of the server in France where DPR housed all the data, the FBI went in hard on all the private information. This intel was the jackpot for their case against Ulbricht and leverage against to get at his users. Now they had all the deets from all the players - the buyers, sellers, distributors, runners and all their contact info and activity. And of course, this included passwords, user IDs, email content, IMs and most damaging - access to Bitcoin wallet balances and activities. Yep. Whenever anything moved on or off the block chain- the feds were there watching it and recording because they already had it wired for sound. Every transaction made, illegally recorded and then used. Not a single person notified. Not a single Maranda right read. And I am quite sure this info was utilized in ways we may never know about and with long-lasting ramifications we will never hear about. This includes the fact that the Feds stole millions of dollars of Bitcoin digital currency from thousands of trusting and otherwise anonymous users across the globe.
    And this was the very worst part. This betrayal was anathema to the very foundation for which DPR stood. If nothing else, he honored every citizen’s right to privacy above all else and he promised its security to his customers. It was this promise of protected anonymity that was the backbone of and reason for his dream to build Silk Road in the first place. H hed epoles anymity and their accoutn seciy as sacred as his own life. And to have that breasched - to ose the trust of hi liyal sers tha had been with him, from the beinning - was an utimate betraya;. Not jus to the users wh trusted him but to Ulbreht who fek aart at faiing to protect them and faiking to uphold his nost sascred core vaue.

    That is what the governemnet detroyd - rigt before they trick the final blow - planting the pound of cok eon green, guerrila-style abushing his home and then soon thereafter arresting Ulbricht on counts of xxxxxxxxxxx.

    But that wasn't enough and they knew it. So they hatched a pre-emptive fail-safe ahead of time. Enter the false murder charge.
    And you cant have a murder without a body, right? Wrong. Knowing that the emails and other correspondence and his alleged intentions in the heat of panic the mere mention of a plot to commit murder would tarnish his image in the minds of the jury -indelibly and irrevocably. This was all the feds needed. Even as it would most likely be expunged immediately from the record, it would be too late. Too late for the defense to rebound from and too late for Ulbricht...and for all the days of the rest of his life.

    They had him and they saw to it that he was never going to get away. I am not writing all this as an advocate for rampant illegal drug, sex, gun selling or other illegal trafficking on the web. Not at all. I am merely stating my anger at the injustice of our alleged “justice” system, and his situaion and the rony of teh time and ta dars and well gee hyocursy or the ileal maneiaurvers ade to move earth and sy to frame im at all costs - all for what? Not for any altruistic reasob if you think that. i keep their poscets ined.

    To put it in perspective, think of it this way- do you think any of these guys would have tried half as hard to prosecute some random rapist? Or serial killer from Small Town, Iowa?
    Worse than those I mentioned, as in the case with Green, the investigators planted evidence to justify his wrongful and expedited arrest with the intention of manipulating his testimony against Ulbricht.
    The feds had studied Green for some time and they knew he was the perfect target for the pressure plan. Green was no hardened criminal on the take and they knew it. Rather than play it by the books and tip toe around for months, maybe years waiting to nab a conviction, or worse, let it slip through their fingers, they figured one fall guy in the end was better than none. So, they made their move on Green, sacrificing his freedom via plea deal to get to the "Great" Dread Pirate Roberts - their Holy Grail.

    You see, prior to this, Ulbricht would most likely never have been indicted, let alone prosecuted and sentenced to the degree he ended up being shit-canned. His formerly crime-free record, brilliant mind and squeaky clean everything would have otherwise gotten him a first-time offender slap on the wrist at worse. But, nooooooo. The alphabet boys wouldn't be satisfied until the main kingpin went down and stayed down.

    Since its early inception by our own government's U.S. Navy for the purposes of sharing covert strategic, political and military secrets and communiques, the Deep or Dark Web had changed dramatically. It had become known, available and readily used by the masses. In light of this developing trend, how could the powers that be hope to maintain the lifestyle of corruption and megalomania of which they had grown so accustomed? Nay, the writing was on the wall and must not prevail, they surmised. The Deep Web and more specifically "The Silk Road" were threatening their very way of life and 'twas the general consensus that the government's position on it at the time was; "Homie don't play that."

    They wanted their man, their poster child to make an example of him to any wanna-be future DPR-fans. And they are master craftsmen at getting what they want...who is going to stop them? But, see, Albrecht wasn't this radical, wildly anti-government "fight the power" law breaking anarchist. He was an astute, friendly, popular kid, interested in all sorts of things who also happened to have this an amazing vision for a future of free and open market with endless possibilities...one devoid of restrictive, creativity-killing and security-breaching corporate hierarchy and rule. Unfortunately, what began as an altruistic "vision" floating on a pink cloud of optimism and possibility started to grow and take on a life of its own. A life that even a genius like Ulbricht did not foresee. And certainly, who among us can throw the first stone at someone for enjoying the spoils of their hard work and brilliant invention? I think we all can admit a bit of jealousy or wonderment or at least admiration. And further, those who know anything about psychology and power and how the human brain works when faced with overwhelming changes in their life circumstances (like becoming a millionaire or billionaire practically overnight) know that even those who intentionally set out to achieve this goal are ill-prepared at best and totally out of control in most cases once the reality of the situation actually comes to fruition. In other words, it is easy for many of us to sit at home and judge Ulbricht saying we would never have gotten involved or that we would have pulled the plug the moment things started to get illegal or dicey, etc. But....you never really know how you will react until you are actually in the moment. And money is a powerful drug. And millions and billions of dollars is an extremely powerful drug. Here’s why:
    Think of your very most favorite things in the world. Now think of what you consider to be your most favorite “drug” of choice. By “drug” I mean, anything that brings you pleasure, or calms you down, something you use or go to for your instant “relief, It could be a glass of wine or a game of squash or a walk on the beach. Whatever you consider to be the most powerful motivator to you. Money still trumps all of that because - duh - money makes whatever that “thing” is, that “drug” magically appear in your life that much more frequently and with a lot greater abundance.

    So, I could go on and on about the atrocities of this case, from the bitter determination of the stone age judge that not only sentences him more harshly than what is usually given to serial killers and brutal rapists and child pornographers! She she sent him away for LIFE. People may argue, well he was making money off of being a pimp and a drug dealer. Well not to split hairs but, he never personally sold a single drug or gun or became a “pimp” for lack of a better term. I do not contest that it that he provided a forum for slime-balls to do their business, and he was most certainly interested in capital gain, but I do not believe that his intentions were based in anything half as evil as that which he was accused.
    There is nothing criminal about having aspirations or "thinking outside the box,” breaking convention and putting the world into a whole new way of thinking and being and interacting. It is that same exhilarating spirit which embodies Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Nicola Tesla and Heddy Lamar. DPR wanted to keep strict rules and everything on the up and up. Somewhere along the silk road absolute power and mounds of cash and the thrill of his secret notoriety and infamous popularity got to his head. He got like a lot of celebs and political figures do. Do we throw them in jail for life when they kill or get a DUI? No. Not usually. Very rarely. Just ask OJ. Vince Neil or Robert Blake or Hillary Clinton.
    Ross Ulbricht got a bit tangled in his own web of fast money, secrecy and power. And the government just couldn’t have that element freely operating. And they would stop at nothing to get him and make such an example of him so that few would dare try to follow in his footsteps.
    I have a feeling they are very wrong about that last part.
  2. Beenthere2Hippie
    Sad fact: Almost all successful governments are made up of rich, politically opinionated people who write the scripts politicians follow.

    I don't mean to be flippant, but the fact is that is what governments do. If the US Government senses it's in danger on some level (actual or used handily as an excuse), it protects and over-compensate its way into a safe-spot. There are too many examples of this is American current and past history to list in a ream of paper, as is the case in countries throughout the civilized world.
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