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Video - Afghan youths hit by heroin - 07 Sep 07

  1. cannabis-sam
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    While Afghanistan is blamed for the vast majority of heroin that's trafficked around the world, the level of addiction at home is a growing problem. Official figures show more than 900,000 Afghans are hooked on heroin, and nearly a quarter of those addicts are women and children. Alan Fisher reports from Kabul on a new clinic dedicating its efforts to helping women and girls get clean.

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  1. readeadamie
    That's sickening. It's no coincidence that opium production increased by 80% when America invaded Afghanistan. The CIA are the worlds biggest drug pushers and they probably see this as a way of weakening the Afghani population and to keep them under control. The Taliban always eradicated poppy fields and grew cannabis. Opiates and their users are shamed by the muslim faith as the woman at the end of the video confirms.
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