Video Appears to Show Brothers, 2 and 5, Smoking Pot

By Each Hit · Mar 4, 2007 · ·
  1. Each Hit

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  1. Mezza
    That's really messed up....
  2. darawk
    I don't think it's so bad...parents regularly give their kids low doses of alcohol to help them sleep...this is no worse than that.
  3. Trebor
    In the video, a man puts a cigarette into the toddler's mouth. The other boy is seen smoking without prompting.

    It's clearly promoting sharing at an early age!! Seriously though. Way to young!!
  4. AntiAimer
    If parents can give there kids speed at such young age....what's worse? Let's see the videos of many parents forceing there kids to take prescriptions.
  5. Riconoen {UGC}
    Kids are forced to take powerful amphetamines at that early of an age and nobody goes nuts over that.
  6. Powder_Reality
    While SWIM agrees that forcing kids to take ritalin, amphetamines, and antidepressants isn't right, that doesn't justify forcing kids to smoke marijuana.

    SWIM believes that responsible adults should have the freedom to put any substance they want into their bodies. And by responsible adults, he means just that. Responsible 18+ adults that choose to consume these substances. Of course SWIM knows that most teenagers aren't going to restrain themselves from experimenting just because they aren't 18 years old yet. SWIM definately didn't let that hold him back when he was younger. But at least when SWIM was experimenting, it was his own choice. The kids in that video are 2 and 5 years old. They don't even know what they're doing.

    SWIM hopes that those irresponsible idiots who were making the kids smoke get everything they have coming to them.
  7. Jigga0o7
    thats fucked up...
  8. Nagognog2
    I knew some people who, as kids, their parents ordered them to take codeine whenever the parents had guests over. They wanted their "little darlings" to be well-behaved and docile around company. The father was a doctor with ready access to drugs. The mother was born and raised in Nazi Germany. The house had swastika's on the furniture. Charming lady.

    Daddy-Doctor later lost his medical license for unrelated actions.
  9. Sklander
    SWIM thinks its fucked up to force anyone to smoke marijuana...

    However, SWIM knows a guy who has a young boy of about three years old and the young kid smokes when he wants to smoke. His daddy is very open-minded and believes the kid should start making his own decisions at an early age.

    As mentioned, this society pops kids up on all kinds of different amphetamines and no one bats an eye. While FORCING a kid to smoke is fucked up, there is nothing wrong with the kid smoking when he wants, in SWIM's opinion.
  10. Nature Boy
    On FOX News they recommended the maximum sentence of ten years for the two defendants. Although they were clearly in the wrong, a sentence like that would be insane. This is more like a stupid prank than a serious crime.
  11. csharpprogrammer
    SWIM knows of a child(under 6yrs) who is treated like that. The baby smokes weed and drinks liquor. SWIM wants DHS to take the kid so bad!
  12. Riconoen {UGC}
    I saw Sean Hannity nearly busting a nut over this. I think some action should be taken, nobody should be forced to do drugs 5 or 50 IMO, but a ten year sentance is insanity.
  13. mouthwater
    These kids are dumb enough they might even be able to pull off an insanity plea. Stick 'em in a nuthouse with Billy Bibbit and Chief Broom...

    On second thought, even the greats in the Cuckoo's Nest wouldn't have been stupid enough to feed little kids dope. A 10 year sentence might be a little excessive, but just barely. They're probably better off making license plates and picking up cigarette butts on the side of the highway than wandering the streets and spending all day on Myspace and writing their amateurish commentary about how "God is dead" in their blog and instant messaging about how the MAN is trying to keep them from scoring sweet drugs like rohypnol so they can fuck that girl next door before throwing toilet paper in one of the underclassman's yard.

    Fuck 'em. Why didn't anyone ever teach them that a good book is sometimes better than blunt?
  14. Nagognog2
    Please get it through the skull that anytime you hear/see the words FOX News - an alarm-bell should go off. They should be forced to change their name to Imperialist Propaganda Noise of Devout Fascism. Only complete idiots in the USA take them as being a serious news organization. And I'm pleased to say - their ratings are falling like a brick.
  15. Trebor
    Here here! And the Daily Mail should be burnt. Tory papaer. Maggie Thatchwer sexiest woman alive my ass!
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