Video company asks for $6.3M in Lennon film case

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    Video company asks for $6.3M in Lennon film case

    BOSTON — A federal judge has heard a request to award $6.3 million in damages to a Massachusetts company that claims rare film footage of John Lennon was stolen and sold to the former Beatle's widow without the firm's permission.

    Earlier this year, a judge found that Yoko Ono was the rightful copyright owner of the 1970 footage, which shows Lennon smoking marijuana and joking about putting LSD in President Richard Nixon's tea.

    Lawrence, Mass.-based World Wide Video had filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Ono and Anthony Pagola, a broker who sold Ono the footage.
    In court Tuesday, the company's lawyer said a memorabilia expert
    estimated the film was worth $4 million to $6 million when Pagola sold it for $300,000 in 2002.

    Judge Rya Zobel didn't immediately rule.


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