VIDEO: 'Drug' deaths police press conference

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    'Drug' deaths police press conference

    DETECTIVE Chief Inspector Mark Oliver led a press conference this afternoon where he linked the deaths of two teenage boys with a legal drug known locally as M-CAT.

    DCI Oliver said it appeared Louis Wainwright, 18, and Nick Smith, 19, died after taking a cocktail of drink and drugs on a night out in Scunthorpe town centre.

    The double tragedy has prompted a police warning over the use of M-CAT, which is derived from plant fertiliser and is also known as as Mephedrone, Bubble, Meow and MC.

    DCI Oliver said: "From our investigations wwe have information to suggest these deaths are linked to M-CAT.

    "We encourage anyone who may have taken the drug or knows somebody who has taken it to go to hospital as a matter of urgency."

    Two men have been arrested in connection with the incident, one of these men is currently in hospital where he is under observation as it is thought he may also have taken the substance.

    Another woman is also in hospital undergoing medical examination.

    Tuesday, March 16, 2010, 15:49

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  1. John Doe
    I'm impressed as I hear him say this... but he continues...

    And the report goes down the rabbit hole... unless he has information he can't release yet this is complete guesswork and speculation. A quick mention of the fact they may have used Methadone later/the next morning but only to disclose, the fact, that it's being used by people to 'come down' from their M-Cat high...

    And again they tell everyone who has consumed it to go to A&E... that strikes me as something that I should find comical but then I feel a little worried that anyone that actually has a medical emergency in the couple of days after the report might find it hard to see a doctor due to the swarms of violent, angry, Mephedrone users foaming at the mouth in A&E waiting rooms across the country...

    He reiterates the only fact of the interview, the fact that the police are under the impression that 'M-Cat' was a contributerary to their demise.

    I've got a serious case of déjà vu of the last time they didn't wait for the toxicology results before publishing their claims.
  2. Phenoxide
    Playing devil's advocate for a moment, I can sort of understand why they're placing the emphasis in the press conference on mephedrone (though it's not called by its real name even once.. M-CAT my ass!).

    While methadone and alcohol are unquestionably likely to be contributory factors (or the sole cause) of these two deaths, mephedrone remains a relatively unknown quantity that is both readily available and widely distributed. It's probably true to say that far more young people have access to mephedrone than to methadone, and it's also probably true that many mephedrone users mix it with alcohol. For those reasons it almost makes sense to highlight it as a potential contributory factor, and to warn people accordingly until more is known. I don't think it's unreasonable to consider it a contributory factor at this point (mephedrone + methadone is effectively an RC speedball after all), but he does over-egg the point just a bit.

    To be fair to the detective though, he does quite clearly state that the cause of death (and mephedrone's role in it) has not been confirmed, and that the post-mortem has not been concluded. This is far more accurate and fair than the soundbytes in many other RC-related cases. Of course the media will blow it out of proportion because alarmist news sells.

    Let's wait and see what the post-mortem digs up.
  3. John Doe
    Even though SWIM can see where he's coming from SWIM has a natural dislike towards it, it could just be the 'stoner without a cause' inside him :p

    If Mephedrone did contribute singnificantly to their demise I'm almost looking forward to finaly having some evidence of the fact just to put an end to the constant bickering and unsubstantiated speculation from both sides of the argument.

    It's funny that by the time the toxicology reports are published the public trial by media has usually already come to it's own conclusion and fogotten about the whole issue while a new topic does the rounds, they rarely get the same look in as the original stories and more times than not actually make for more interesting reading.

    And hey, on the bright side at least he didn't call it Methedrone ;)
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