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VIDEO: Police swoop on two 'legal high' shops in Lincoln

By davestate, Mar 16, 2012 | Updated: Mar 17, 2012 | | |
  1. davestate
    Lincolnshire Police and Trading Standards have executed search warrants at two shops in Lincoln which they believe may be selling controlled drugs as "legal highs".

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    The action comes in response to a number of young people seeking hospital treatment after taking so called "legal highs" bought from premises like these. Many have suffered frightening symptoms like a racing heart beat, breathing difficulties, swollen and constricted airways and anxiety.

    Cannabis substitutes and powder drugs are packaged, called appealing names and often marketed as legal, or "research chemicals – not for human consumption."
    They are openly sold over the counter to teenagers, students and young professionals, who police believe are buying them, thinking they are legal and safe. Police and Trading Standards officers believe this represents a huge health risk to young people in the city.

    Detective Inspector Simon Lovett said: "Our main aim is to raise awareness among young people and parents and to send a very clear message to anyone thinking of peddling harmful products marketed as "legal highs" in Lincolnshire – we will not tolerate it.
    "Several young people have been made extremely ill by these drugs and have required hospital treatment. People buying these substances have no idea what they are putting in their bodies and they are risking their lives. This is not an exaggeration - there have been several well documented deaths related to amphetamine based substances similar to mephedrone in the UK.

    "We would urge anyone who has previously bought and consumed these products to cease immediately."

    Police arrested a 41-year-old local man, a 25-year-old local man and a 44-year-old local woman in connection with these warrants. They are helping police with their enquiries. Investigations are ongoing in this case. The recovered substances will be sent off for analysis and updates will follow when appropriate.

    Video Link:

    Thursday, March 15, 2012


    The one thing I notice is that there is absolutely no info on what these products contain (apart from etizolam), is it any wonder people are running into trouble? I wonder if they will get their stock returned to them if analysis shows no illegal substances in their products. I wonder if the owners themselves even know (or care) what is in them?


  1. Alfa
    If the Lincoln police commander in charge has half a brain, then he/she has sent in undercovers in to purchase and ask questions concerning the use. If that has happened then that may well null the 'not for human consumption' excuse. A series of interviews with their customers could bring similar trouble for the vendors.
    The DEA applied similar methods in operation web trip. I saw a US sheriff make a bust this way (with 300 fake buys), in the documentary series Drugs Inc. on NatGeo.

    Looking at the video, there will be a lot for the police to analyze. If the police will make a case out of this then I really can't imagine that a vendor would be able to convince a judge of the not for human consumption angle. Especially not with a mass of exclusively psychoactive chemicals in stock.

    That would be really bad news for the legal highs industry. But I think its unlikley they will go that far, as its a complex legal matter. Much more likely is that the compounds they now seized will be banned at some point and thats the end of the sales of these products. Until the next analogs come in...
  2. Emin
    My 'friend' recently got arrested for having what he thought was twenty capsules of 2c-b. We had court the same day, and he walked in front of the judge, and the judge stated that the lab results show that it is not a controlled substance and can therefor the case cannot be prosecuted. God knows what was actually in those capsules, but they made you trip. I'm not familiar with international drug laws though
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