Video - Traffic Stops Leads To Seizure Of Over $100K Cash and No Drugs

By chillinwill · Feb 19, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
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    Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Chamberlin Neff said he pulled over a vehicle on I-80 at 8800 West Monday for a broken windshield and an illegal lane change, never suspecting he’d find over $100,000 cash in the trunk.

    Neff let his police dog “Tank” out of the car to sniff around the vehicle and alerted the trooper he detected drugs. Tank, according to Neff, is trained to detect marijuana, cocaine, meth and heroine. Because Tank was involved, Neff said he didn’t need a warrant to search the car. When he opened the trunk, he found the backpack which contained bundles of cash totaling an estimated $100,000 to $200,000. Neff said the driver, age 30 and the woman in the passenger seat, age 24 could not give a straight story about the cash. “He was going to give it to the Catholic Church in Sacramento,” said Neff of the driver’s explanation. Neff says most people carrying cash can provide a reasonable explanation or a receipt of some kind. “I believe the money was going to California to purchase narcotics, “said Neff.

    The two people in the car were not arrested and allowed to drive off. The state keeps the money until they can provide proof the money is legally theirs. Otherwise, a Utah Highway Patrol spokesperson said the money goes to the state – likely the agency involved – which is the Highway Patrol.

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  1. nate81
    Wait just a fucking second....Does this not scare the shit out of anyone else???

    Apparently possession of currency is a crime now. The state keeps it until they can provide proof that it's theirs? WTF?! Yes, it probably WAS going to a drug buy, but until an illegal act happens, there is no reason to claim the money. This is the kind of thing that makes a person want to actively rebel against the Man for His atrocities.
  2. Alfa
    Could be a judge buy, or any other buy. Tank may be reacting to the signs of his boss.
  3. pinksox
    So, basically, a cop "saying" a dog made a "hit," gives said cop probable cause to search any vehicle. SWIM finds that a bit disturbing. And the State can keep the money until the people "prove" it's theirs? So much for, "innocent until proven guilty."
  4. Niteflights
    Parties over Amerika... I suggest a permanent trip to Canada or at least until after the NAU kicks in.
  5. EyesOfTheWorld
    SWIM regularly carries large sums of cash with him as he is distrustful of banks in this economy. Apparantly possession of money is illegal now?
  6. Herbal Healer 019
    Well according to Barry Cooper, an ex law enforcement officer of 8 years who now speaks out against prohibition & has a popular "dont get busted" dvd & website, K-9 units commonly cause their dogs to false alert for the detection of drugs in order to search uncooperative suspect's vehicles.

    Considering the drug war is a scam to generate funds from the highly profitable illegal drug trade through drug & cash seizures, I wouldn't b surprised if this was a set up. Who knows, maybe the cops stole the drugs they found so they could smoke a few fatties of kind bud together after work & score a free blow-job from the hottest local prostitute in return for some MJ.

    Crooked ass cops...
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