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Visayas police tells cocaine holders to turn over the illegal drug

By buseman, Jun 21, 2010 | |
  1. buseman
    Camp Ruperto Kangleon, Palo, Leyte – The highest police official in Eastern Visayas has issued a warning and is encouraging the holders of cocaine bricks found in the Samar shores to turn over the said illegal drug to the police to avoid arrest.

    Police Chief Supt. Rey Lañada, PNP-8 regional director, based here, aired his warning and appeal during the press conference and presentation of the recently recovered 7.5 kilograms of cocaine valued at 37.5 million from Gamay, Northern Samar, an eastern town of the province facing the Pacific Ocean.

    During the press conference, Lañada also requested the media to disseminate his message to the public.

    Lañada said that there is a possibility that there are people in Samar especially in the Eastern shores of the island who are in possession of the illegal drugs. Those keeping the drug with the intention to sell will be arrested and punished.

    He said that it is better to surrender the cocaine bricks to the authorities and avail of the award from the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA). Recently PDEA has distributed a sack of rice per one kilo brick of cocaine to people who surrendered the illegal drug to authorities.

    If the holder of the cocaine brick will surrender the illegal drug to the police, we will not arrest him, but rather give him the reward of one sack as PDEA provides, Lañada said. However, if we found out that the holder is keeping the illegal drug, especially with the intension to sell, then we will arrest him, he added.

    Lañada while issuing his warning and encouragement disclosed that his office has strengthened the intelligence operations regarding the recovery of the illegal drugs from Samar and has also established contacts and network with the LGUs in the provinces of Eastern and Northern Samar for the possible recovery of the cocaine that has drifted ashore.

    Authorities said that an estimated of 1.9 tons of cocaine were dumped by the Chinese vessel from South America en route to Hong Kong in the 3rd week of December 2009 at the Samar Sea about 150 miles from the shore. Authorities also said that there is already 335.32 kilograms of cocaine recovered valued P5 million per kilogram or a total value of P1.676 billion, at present.

    June 21, 2010


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