Visions from the Wolf - A Perspective Shifting Experience with DXM

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    (going by the wolf's memory...can't remember specifics on age, dosage, etc.. He was about 110-115 lbs. back then, and probably took somewhere around 500-600 mg)

    My wolf was listening to Apoctalyptica one night, laying on his floor with the lights out. He was covered by blankets, and with his headphones on he lay drifting ever deeper into a dissociative state, as he had taken a rather hefty dose of DXM not much earlier.

    The Unforgiven began to play and as it did reality suddenly withered away, and the blanket and the ground became one with the wolf. His room dissipated and soon he found himself to be a mountain overlooking the vastness of the earth.

    The clouds then gathered at the mountain peak and rain poured, trickling down into streams, then rivers. As the music drifted from one note to the next, so did he flow as the water to its beat. The rivers flowed into the ocean and the wolf became the earth, the air, and the water, and from it sprang life. And as the music played so did the life grow in its complexity until the earth was flourishing with its beauty.

    As the song came to an end, my wolf's perception drifted outward beyond the stars, and the wolf could feel within him the very essence of the universe. He felt as though he was connected with everything that is, was, and ever shall be...he felt eternity within himself as if he were a product of everything that had ever happened, and a part of everything the future holds.

    The song became the story of the earth, of life, and of our very existence. It is a vision he has held close to this very day, and will likely never let go. Even now, all these years later, when he hears that song a wave of intense euphoria rushes through him still...

    But the irony of it all is in the name of the song...The Unforgiven. It is simply unforgivable what we are doing to this earth. We are overcrowding it, and destroying its beauty. What we should be doing is expanding...or reducing the population, but preferably the former. The earth just isn't big enough for us anymore, but we're too caught up in war to finance something as "crazy" as space colonization.

    Later that same night my wolf took a shower, and as the water flowed it became the source of a rushing euphoria that has never yet been match. When he got out of the water he took a seat on the floor in utter awe and astonishment, as his tiny little bathroom seemed to stretch on for hundreds of feet. He could see thousands of tiles going off into the distance, and could just barely make out the towel rack that seemed so far away...he was so amazed by what he was seeing, but the thought to try and explore never even crossed his might have been interesting to see what would've happened if he had taken a stroll, but with a blink of the eye, it all went back to normal.

    But anyway, there it dog's favorite experience on this crazy substance. I hope you enjoyed the story.

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