Visualization: Easier Than Breathing

By bhonkers · May 24, 2014 · ·
  1. bhonkers

    What are you seeing right now? Are you seeing reality or are you actually constructing the visual sensory information inside your mind?

    It's obvious that light coming into the eye generates electrical impulses that travel to the brain.

    Then the brain and it's very skilled creative visual parts make sense of the incoming signals and form what you are now seeing at this moment as you look at the screen reading these words. If you focus on the finer details such as the accurate shapes of each letter noticing each alteration as it curves and connects with lines and so on.

    This is all a hallucination! A construct of the mind as a best guess to help navigate the outside world safely.

    What does this mean? It means you are as skilled at visualization as genius minds such as Tesla who could build machines with such precision in his imaginary workshop that they worked exactly as imagined in the real world keeping true to all measurements and materials used.

    So for the last time, stop saying you can't visualize as you are so much a liar you have fooled yourself into thinking you can't when in reality you're doing it every time you see something. So you are a master with an entire life time of experience. So let's begin...

    There is a way that some may know of that is used to structure the functions of the brain for powerful control over our thoughts and beliefs and also our experience of reality.

    We have a conscious mind. This is the part that is aware of what's going on or not depending how awake you are. You are aware of these words and you can now be aware of your fingers touching the keypad which was always there but out of awareness for many since it's not always that important unless you're finding the home keys to set yourself ready to type. If you have music on you can increase your awareness of it by tuning in more directly to hear more. As you do this things less important move out of your awareness and into the other mind..

    .. your unconscious now has this information that you previously were aware of until you changed what you focused on and moved it to this very powerful part of you that is where almost all the action takes place. All your skills, how you learn and understand things, memorize things, alter state of consciousness, increase dopamine, lower serotonin, flood you with endorphins.. do you know how to do that consciously? It's a very complex and highly mastered after doing your entire life such that it seems so simple and the conscious mind only knows through science that it occurs but doesn't know exactly how you do it. But you do and your unconscious now is beating your heart and controlling your blood pressure while setting your metabolic rate, pupil dilation, often our breathing, making us aware of important information such as a sharply breaking car in front as we drive which then automatically as if by magic but actually carried out unconsciously our foot slams on the breaks before we are even aware of the danger.

    What else?

    The conscious mind is very limited in how much information it can hold such that what you experience as reality is a drop in the ocean of what else there is reaching your senses. What you get is built very closely in line with your expectations. If you believe the paranoid delusion that everyone is out to get you then people may look a bit shifty and give you the evil eye which fires of panic inducing fear that feeds the paranoia to increase which is a viscous cycle that this ex paranoid schizophrenic would not wish on any life form, even Hitler that mass murdering cunt bastard that he was.

    There are three ways the information is watered down.

    1) Generalization: In order that we don't have to relearn actions in response to slightly different kinds yet with the same functioning such as many creative door designs we put things into more generalized sets such that all doors open in a small number of ways which might not be enough if you've suddenly found yourself in front of an automatic sliding door and get spooked by it's apparent awareness of your presence. So if you come across a door you've never seen before you'll quickly work out how it opens so you can go through. Otherwise you'd have to work it all out again from scratch. All cars have wheels and people are annoying. Simples. While being useful it can also cause problems such as generalizing negative traits to a race of people much like Hitler did but the past is the past and we forgive but never forget and move on. Another is to take one struggle to learn something as being a fault of all your intelligence such that you find all subjects a struggle since you've generalized limitations from messing one addition sum up into being stupid and not able learn. Not good.

    2) Distortions: This is how our beliefs and expectations of reality can alter incoming sensory data to warp it in a way that stays true with our beliefs despite our most pure sensory data. Reality is more aligned with our beliefs of what reality will be rather than what we directly sense. This is how my schiz mind when suddenly sliding into a psychotic episodes I actually seen the world around me change and become duller and harsher and a cold uncaring place before my very eyes. Suddenly the one evil eye was on everyone's face which we all know is not reality but a delusion yet everyone is living in a delusion only some are more useful than others. Since we only have such tiny awareness of the massive unnoticed information and it aligns with our expectations and since it is all a construct of the mind then calling it a delusion is factually accurate if not always the best description given it's possible negative associations with mental illness for example. But it's made up no matter how you describe it which is important once you realize you can design reality the way you desire to experience it by altering your expectations such that you find it as reality no matter what is really out there. Distorting information so it show opportunities that normally is just information and now with the aid of adding meaning in creative ways can be positive while distorting reality such that strangers whisper "the end is almost upon dark lord" can be freaky shit. Trust me.

    3) Deletion: With so much information discarded from awareness the mind has to go with priorities we have built over time to choose what to pass to us and what is not so important and left out. Deleting your awareness of minute moment by moment temperature shifts seems positive in almost all cases but suddenly important when it's your own body temperature going beyond a threshold that alerts us to possible danger such as dancing our tits off on good quality drugs might be of value knowing when to rest and get some air. What is important is a personal thing based on life experience and expectations of reality built from beliefs that are more than likely of the mark or so wrong to be amazing you haven't twigged yet such as believing you can't learn when that's what we are designed to do as humans as innate natural brain functioning in order to stay alive learning early that fire hurts and is to be avoided or treated with the utmost care as bare minimum. And also addiction is a learning such that the brain knows what give it pleasure and makes it important in the extreme that the person keeps doing it often when they don't want to. We learned an entire spoken language with some learning more without even realising it. We learned to hold a fork without poking our eyes out. That's a valuable life skill learned by most in my book. We are born to learn and are always doing it even when we think we can't it just goes on without evidence being deleted to avoid conflicts with the limiting belief such that we are blissfully ignorant of our super intelligence and genius waiting to be believed in.

    In our language we use the same three ideas to reduce experience into some words that delete non essential information unless full of stimulants in which there isn't any deletion ever until the drugs wear off. We often distort the facts to embellish or add more excitement or exaggerate on details. And we group ideas into words and phrases to describe common experiences that don't have to be spelled out each time since most people are aware of what the words mean enough to be useful. This is useful for quick transferring of information but a problem such as someone reducing an entire experience into a word such as depression or anxiety. These words are nominalizations, the name not being as important as it's effects and usefulness. They are nouns to label processes. This makes them static and without the details of how we created the depression and what we did to make ourselves anxious. If someone says, "I have depression" don't fucking say why? because they'll only give you reasons that make them even more convinced. If you want to really help then maybe ask how they are making themselves depressed. This presupposes they are responsible for their state and also opens up the starting point of the way and process they go through to reach that point of being depressed. Or better still scare the shit out them so they are in a highly alert state ready to respond effectively to whatever comes next as you ask them, "what is the funniest movie you've ever seen?" as you giggle while you ask it and they'll blink and what the fuck for a moment before finding it and look for the corners of their mouth starting to make a smile and you've cured the person with the Booo! technique.

    OK, I promised visualiation for all and here it is

    just one extra bit of information.

    Conscious mind for setting destinations and giving process instuctions. Don't waste engery trying to do tasks more advanced than 10 plus 33 as it's the wrong part of the mind to use.

    Unconscious minds love doing shit you give them especially if you treat them with flirting flattery and believe in their amazing power. They will drive your car while you put on makeup in the mirror and do all the learning and understanding even if you're not paying attention such as daydreaming in class. I slept through my entire eduction yet still managed good enough grades to get into uni. I learned this very young as I instructed my other mind to learn everything while I dreamed of being a superhero some other seemingly non work related day dreaming that is now a very powerful skill used by Einstein and Tesla and all genius who have found unique ways of doing things outside of normal learning styles. It's a very natural state that our minds have a set time around 90 minutes where a mind shift drifts us off each time this moment is reached during the day and 90 minutes repeating cycle. There is a name and you can enjoy the process of finding out using google or Ask Jeves or Bing which I've only used once so can't vouch for it. You know how it works you internet generation. Love it!

    So, the time has come. Brace yourself for the easiest visualization techinique in the world in it's most simple form and no simpler.

    One step. Just one and that's it!

    That's it. If you haven't seen it then keep expecting it and you'll find it eventually.

    Relaxation reduces stress and quietens the mind making things run more smoothly.

    Wording can be key "visual part of my mind show me a green apple in vivid detail that is bright and full of colour as if a real world object and show it to my conscious awareness in a way I find easy to understand." Find your own style such as using your tone of internal voice practising to find out what seems to be effective and increase that to see if it is more effective.

    I did this with the green apple and first I seen highly detailed apple skin with lot of brown blotches and then a flat area of bruising that was slightly brown all over and then the brown stem in so real to life distorted and warped brown branch like design. And that was after 30 seconds. I wonder what can be achieved in 30 hours? 30 days?


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  1. Beenthere2Hippie
    As always, your writing passion for the study of visualization theory always entertains and enlightens me. Thank you for your latest effort. Nicely done!
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