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Vitamin M... is it really Vitamin M???

  1. BluePhoenix
    we all know that the THC in MJ has often been called vitamin M....

    but is thsi the True Vitamin M which is a derivation of the B vitamin that is needed for celular growth....

    they say u need proteins and vitamin M... for succesfull (good) musle growth...

    so is this muscle growing vitamin M really MJ???


  1. PenguinPhreak
    Why did you post this in the Drugnews forum? Did it not occur to you to post this in the Marijuana Using forum? Now to answer your question, I doubt that "we all know" that THC is refered to as vitamin M as I do believe this is the first time I have ever heard the term. And no, THC is in no way a vitamin. I have no idea how you came to this conclusion, but you will most definitely not replenish any muscle building vitamins by smoking pot. Just think for a minute, how many vitamins do you know of that are beneficial when smoked?
  2. sands of time
    Please tell me you don't remember making this thread because you were insanely stoned at the time...
  3. radiometer
    It's amazing but true - I sit around and smoke pot all day, and my
    muscles are insanely huge!! Here's a pic before and after:

  4. MrJim
    So that's why Ross Rebagliati had his SnowboardingGold taken away - I was confused about "performance enhancing" marijuana at first but one look at the new improved Radiometer and it all becomes clear.[​IMG]
  5. Red_Baran
    dear god someone really needs to kill this thread, wrong area for this shit, and doesnt even make any sense
  6. radiometer
    Just move it to the Funny Shit forum.
  7. sands of time
    Wow... It's like god took a dump on drugs forum... And this is what remained floating
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