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Waitress' Claim: My Boss Made Me Eat Hallucinogenic Mushrooms

  1. Rob Cypher
    Secretly feeding someone hallucinogenic drugs: Hilarious prank? Or terrifying and illegal?

    These are the questions raised by a young woman's complaint in court against her former employer, which the New York Post reports was filed Monday. Sofie Rasmussen claims that her boss at a Manhattan restaurant, where she worked as a waitress, told her that he wanted her input on a new recipe -- then stuffed hallucinogenic mushrooms into her mouth.

    Late in 2012 Rasmussen was a then-19-year-old server at the chicken restaurant, Sticky's Finger Joint. At that time, she claims, restaurant owner Paul Abrahamian took her into its kitchen and asked her to close her eyes -- telling her that she was going to taste a new dish -- then fed her a handful of mushrooms, covering her mouth until she swallowed them.

    "It didn't taste great. I was confused. I was like, what the fuck is this?" Rasmussen told the Post. "Then I realized what it was."

    Rasmussen claims that she then struggled to finish the remaining hour or two of her shift, feeling "goofy," as if she were "floating" and "tripping," and then "feeling weird for an hour or two" afterward. She didn't report the incident immediately, Rasmussen said, because Abrahamian threatened to fire her.

    Sticky's Finger Joint co-owner Jonathan Sherman, in speaking to the Post, flatly rejected Rasmussen's complaint, and Rasmussen couldn't be reached for comment. She reportedly quit the restaurant in December, and according to her Facebook page, then spent a semester at an art school in Denmark. The Post's exclusive story on the case doesn't explain, however, what result Rasmussen might be seeking by filing the complaint, and makes no mention of a criminal charge.

    In a similar case from 2012, however, two University of Colorado students who allegedly fed marijuana-spiked brownies to unsuspecting classmates and a professor last year both were charged with 18 felonies, including eight counts of second-degree assault and eight counts of inducing the consumption of a controlled substance. The defendants in that case ended up pleading guilty to one of the felony charges in exchange for deferred sentences that had them performing community service, as well as writing apologies to their victims and paying them thousands in restitution.

    Claire Gordon
    July 2, 2013



  1. Alien Sex Fiend
    "Sticky's Finger Joint. At that time, she claims, restaurant owner Paul Abrahamian took her into its kitchen and asked her to close her eyes -- telling her that she was going to taste a new dish -- then fed her a handful of mushrooms, covering her mouth until she swallowed them." WTF? she should get another job tmr.
  2. Reincarnator
    Sometimes I secretly wish someone would tie me down, blindfold me, and stuff me full of drugs....

    But seriously, a mouthful of shrooms and she felt "floaty" and "trippy" for a couple of hours? ... I call BS or those were some bunk mushrooms
  3. Großschmackhaft
    Yeah, that story stinks. She swallowed unknown, foul-tasting stuff with her eyes closed because she feared she would be fired otherwise? Everyone would have spat it out (if they even agreed to this sketchy procedure in the first place) And then the vague description of the effects. And if he wanted to convince her it was a dish, why not mix it into an actual dish with a taste that masks the shrooms?
  4. Drugfreekid
    I think that this is a lie to get money. She was fed up with her low pay and bad job, so during a mushroom trip she came up this scheme lol. Also i think that to make sure he story really played through, if she had reported it asap, they would give her a toxicology report as psilocybin and its metabolites stay in the body for some 3 days. This way she avoids it so when they give her a report she wont be positive and they have no true evidence against her. Second how the fuck could she work on shrooms. Sorry but tripping and working dont work except for mushroomheads who stay somewhat clear even on 5 grams. She felt trippy? Imagine her walking around with massive pupils tripping but acting normal while the persons face morphs back and forth and not being questioned or anything. I imagine tripping and working will lead to some tightass reporting her behavior and pupils. And again, she was working while on mushrooms? Okay. Sure, i mean its not like your tripping or anything just a small buzz man. No. She is seeking money and by the looks of her job i imagine she is not the smartest so this is what she came up with. I could imagine 50 other ways to file a lawsuit, none of which include mushrooms except maybe for one, but not mushies. Also @grossschmakthaff, good for pointing out the lack of detail as when something like this happens, you will speak of what happened from the start of the fucking day. She said oh yeah just ehm, i was like high and stuff so yeah uhm can i sue? Look at that sly face..
  5. idfma
    All good points, and let's not forget dosage. While I might have no personal experience, this guy I know says that enough mushrooms to make you feel 'goofy' (for the record, he would never describe it as goofy--her words) would be a lot more than a fucking mouthful.

    Not only that, but when I was 5 my mom couldn't make me eat shit I didn't want to--this grown ass woman is acting like this guy's hand over her mouth was enough to force her to chew up and swallow that grainy ass/rubbery shit? Call bullshit is right. We need more details before this thing becomes believable.

    What's the motive here? There's no mention that he tried to take advantage of her physically or otherwise--not to mention there are better drugs if that's the motive. She continued working there for a while after the incident, and no mention of other attempts to intoxicate her--why did he do it?

    Oh, and one more thing: he owns a fucking restaurant, put that shit in some applesauce, pudding, or chicken--maybe with some gravy. Why would you feed it to her straight, if you're trying to 'trick' her into taking it? Something is missing, even if this story is true.
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