Walk-In Detox Clinic Opens for Confidential Outpatient Treatment

By ~lostgurl~ · Jul 6, 2006 ·
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    Detox Clinic To Help Beat Dependence

    Press Release: Waitemata District Health Board
    5 July 2006

    New Detox Clinic To Help Beat Drug And Alcohol Dependence

    Community Alcohol and Drug Services Auckland (CADS) this week opened a walk-in detoxification clinic designed to help people beat their dependence on alcohol and other drugs.

    The Point Chevalier clinic opened its doors on July 3rd and operates from 10am to 1pm, Monday to Friday. It offers a free service to people wanting to quit using alcohol and other drugs.

    CADS Detoxification Services Manager, April O’Hanlon, says the new facility is a far cry from the old approach of institutionalising people with a physical dependence on a substance. "In the past people used to be locked up while coming off alcohol and other drugs. Now our patients are helped to quit in their own homes or in the communities where they live. People can be reluctant to seek help because they feel embarrassed, but this new clinic offers an opportunity for people to just walk in and get some confidential help," she says.

    CADS already offers a Home Detoxification Service where people who are well enough and living in a safe, supported environment can receive nurse visits and treatment at home. An 11-bed inpatient unit also exists for people too unwell to receive treatment in the community.

    Ms O’Hanlon says the new walk-in clinic offers similar information, support and treatment to that provided by the home-based and inpatient unit services, just via a different method. "Our staff can offer nurse assessments and access to a doctor, advise on detox options and arrange treatment. They can also link people to other detox services such as support groups and physiotherapy," she says.

    The opening of the new walk-in clinic also increases CADS' capacity to see and treat people in the community. To date in 2006 there have been 209 admissions to the CADS inpatient unit with an average length of stay of eight days, while more than 70 people utilised the Home Detoxification Service over the same period.

    People who feel they are physically dependent on alcohol, methamphetamine, opiates or other drugs and want help can contact CADS by ringing 845 1818, or by visiting the walk-in clinic at 50 Carrington Road, Pt Chevalier between 10am and 1pm, Monday to Friday.

    Detoxification includes withdrawal from illicit and licit substances, and stabilisation on prescribed medications.

    Comprehensive information is available from the CADS website: www.cads.org.nz

    Article from: http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/GE0607/S00023.htm

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