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By Muse2Midnite · Sep 21, 2013 · ·
  1. Muse2Midnite
    I don't want to write right now, I've been up all night and the last two hours was spent texting to my most recent ex and former-semi-frequent using partner (back when the relapse began) but I didn't want to have the conversation. I really loved her but man we were so toxic for each other. She wants to remain in contact, remain in each other's lives but I don't see the point. I can talk about love all day but all I have to do is look at the results. Love doesn't take you to this place. Love doesn't have you relapsing and hating the man you've become. I have genuinely loved several times in my life, even her in the beginning but when you look at the results... what conclusion, what picture did that paint?

    I have no interest in discussing the details of that sordid romance but suffice to say it ended and I hope she figures out what works for her.

    I got up before 12 today, hell I think it was 10 actually and I washed the roommate's dog cause I got bit by a flea last night and then I took him for a walk down to coffee. Right now is where I would tell you the story of the fleas and the mites and the god knows what else was infesting my office a few months ago and how it really wasn't some crazy hallucination from the speed but I'm seriously too tired. I need to get to sleep. the seedy construction guys are going to power-wash the outside of the house today and one of my office windows is cracked so I'm a little worried they're gonna break the bastard so I taped it up like hurricane prep and pulled the shades, taped the outlets and now I'm going to bed. Oh yeah in case you were worried about it, I got coffee for me, not the dog. My other roommate came with his dog and it was cool, just bullshitting on the corner with people diggin the dogs. The roommate who owns this dog really could care less about him. It's sad really.

    I wonder what it is about a little dog that makes people think I'm not a mass murderer. I mean they just come up and talk to you like you're the most normal cat on the planet, I mean I'm all tatted up and shit four months ago I was slamming meth in my legs and here's this little old lady like, "oh he's so cute what's his name? Nice day isn't it? That gelato looks delicious!" haha
    I'm like if I didn't have this dog sitting here you'd be crossing the street a half a block before the intersection.

    OK maybe not that bad but still, this dog dynamic needs to be explored. I'm not the kind of guy who needs to seek attention or anything, I kind of like being left alone until I'm ready for interaction which is usually during a gig but it was weird, I mean a lot of people talk to me on the gig but I'm wearing a suit and smiling and shit.

    ok whatever, I'm starting to go off on a rant here and I just want to say that I didn't have many cravings today, I got a little bit more junk cleaned up and I lost it while purchasing tickets online from major Airline for a gig in a couple weeks, Hell I should post the letter here. haha it was almost funny. Nah actually I'm going to go back and put "major Airline" cause I shouldn't be bad mouthing them until they get a chance to rectify the situation which could be weeks because the bastards don't have a FREAKING EMAIL CONTACT FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE ahh shoot here we go again.

    Here's what I can post of the letter then I'm going to be before she texts me back again and I'm tempted to reply. The reward numbers are fictitious but in the correct proportion to the situation:

    MAJOR Airlines,

    I'll start this off with the fact that I am incensed right now at the dumbest little thing that just happened to me on your website while trying to book a flight at 2am on a Saturday night. I'm very familiar with booking on your site, I'm a HIGHEST LEVEL REWARDS holder and I've been flying MAJOR AIRLINE exclusively for the past three or four years. What you're about to hear may sound trivial, it even sounds trivial to me but for some reason I'm just not prepared to let it go.

    The time is now 2:12 am PST and I logged in about 45 minutes ago to book a flight to MAJOR EAST COAST CITY from MAJOR WEST COAST CITY in a couple of weeks DATE returning DATE be exact.

    The flights were both priced at 1000 points and when I went to check out within just a few minutes from the time I searched the flight (mind you this is 2am on a Saturday Morning P.S.T. and suddenly I was asked to re-login after filling out my credit card information. It couldn't have been three minutes from when I selected the flight. and suddenly the price for the flight was changed to 1500 Points. Now I have something like 20,000 points and 500 points extra probably doesn't seem like much but for some reason I just couldn't believe that all of a sudden at 2am on a Saturday Morning I get kicked out of the system and 3 minutes later the price jumps up 50%. I could have purchased another flight for 1000 but I did want to get to spend a little time with my brother's family Friday night and I still have to pick up a car and drive out to COASTAL CITY. I often wonder why you guys don't fly into COASTAL CITY a couple direct flights at midnight between some major cities and COASTAL CITY would have to get some traffic, for that matter I still can't fathom why you don't offer flights from LIST OF MAJOR CITIES or any other of the surrounding cities into SIN CITY after dark even on weekends, oh well except for that "red eye" at 9PM out of LAX... I know driving to SIN CITY is so romantic in that Hunter S. Thompson kinda way but it's the drive BACK that kills ya. Not too many people make that drive more than once if they can help it.

    I'm wiling to accept that it's possible yet unlikely that some cat decided to book the "only" remaining ticket right at that moment so I called in to talk to someone and was offered no consideration whatsoever, just a ho hum that's how it goes, "yeah we've had a lot of traffic lately" kind of response.

    I spend a good amount of time in your planes and I am a professional entertainer so I frequently talk about how much I love MAJOR AIRLINE. The bulk of my flying is done each year between November and April but I gotta tell you with no email address even for a HIGHEST LEVEL REWARDS holder and I can't get decent assistance even when I call, I'd just as soon look at cheaper travel options though there aren't many, there's always spite airlines. Yes I spelled that correctly

    The worst of it is all is having to write this letter to be honest. The fact that the only real recourse I have is to to actually type out, print and mail you a letter has me so angry that it's all I can do to use civil language in this correspondence. In the last 5 minutes I've called upon assistance from God, Buddah the flying spaghetti monster and even my ex-gf's AA sponsor to keep myself from going ballistic on my combined social media pages, chock full of over 15,000 people who probably couldn't care less that I had this experience. That serenity prayer is kind of quirky if you ask me. I feel like whoever wrote it had a sense of humor. Relax and try to enjoy the crisis sort of thing. Maybe I'm just seething and I'm having trouble finding a customer service email. I'll mail this letter, chant a couple ohms and look again. God help us both if I can't find one because I'm sure I'll regret the actions I really want to take. All for a measly 500 points, I mean I earn three times that on most revenue flights, sometimes 9 times that much when I fly across country but for some reason, maybe it's the planetary alignment but I'm looking at my HIGHEST REWARDS card right now like I could eat it.

    Oh yeah and while you're at it could you figure out a way to keep these one-flight-a-year folks from watching netflix on the wifi while I'm trying to get some actual work done? That's another thing that really chaps me right about where the chaps are supposed to go. Isn't there some way to channel priority access for frequent or business flyers? I must have gotten my sense of humor back because I'm a former IT manager and I know for a fact that you can do that pretty easily.

    Thanks for your time, I hope you as long reading it than I did typing it, loading an envelope in the printer, figuring out how that works, printing one on the wrong side, jamming the printer, then deciding to just write the damn address out, lick it stamp it, drive down to the post office, slip it in the mail so it goes out asap, off drive back home and wonder faithlessly if I'll ever get a reply because you know a guy like me who is still at his office at 2:45 am on a Saturday obviously has nothing really important to do with his time. I guess I should just consider myself lucky that technology has advanced such that my computer didn't crash while I was typing this. Had that happened, I might have been sending this from Sing Sing.

    Your #1 fan,


    BOoAA: I guess that's why they tell us about the whole restraint of tongue and pen.

    See you tomorrow

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  1. CunningStunt

    Thank you.

    I almost feel bad getting so much enjoyment out of someone else's adversity but your blogs over the last few days are totally relatable and make for a damn fine read. You've nailed it. Hope you find writing them as cathartic as I've found reading them.

    Love your work :applause:

    Good luck, looking forward to hearing how you're travelling...
  2. Muse2Midnite
    It's funny what can happen in a few months. Maybe Funny's not specific enough... or even accurate...

    Due to some special circumstances I had to stop writing but I'm back...

    Due to some other circumstances I relapsed, well one circumstance in particular which is because I picked up. My main connect got picked up but owed me a 1/4 of stuff and that was cool cause I figured 'd never hear from them again... Might've worked but a couple weeks later, my stuff got dropped off.I almost turned it down but I was pretty broke and I had a couple buddies who were jonesing so I figured I could just pass it along and cover my initial expenses... Yeah we all know how that goes right?
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