want some candy kid? (evil dealers or stupid cops?)

By Heretic.Ape. · Jun 27, 2007 · Updated Jun 27, 2007 · ·
  1. Heretic.Ape.
    It Looks Like Coloured Sugar In Straws But It's Crystal Meth, Sold To Youngsters

    OKANAGAN - Ruthless Okanagan drug dealers are packaging crystal meth to look like the popular candy Pixy Stix to try to lure youngsters into addiction.

    "They're using different colours, the pinks for the girls and the blues and greens for the boys," Staff-Sgt. Kurt Lozinski of South Okanagan RCMP said yesterday. "It looks like coloured sugar. I have only seen a little bit of it but I know it's out there more than we're seeing."

    To try to ward off the threat, schools in the Penticton area have enrolled in a "no2meth" campaign to educate parents and kids on the dangers of the destructive drug.

    Lozinski said Pixy Stix meth is the latest in a long line of tactics by dealers to get kids on drugs.

    "Many years back, they were doing the same thing with acid designed to look like Bart Simpson," he said. "Then, with ecstasy, they were doing them in different colours and putting emblems on them like dolphins.

    "It's the progression. They realize if they can target the youth, the kids, then they'll get repeat business for a longer period of time."

    Crystal meth is a destructive drug that induces psychotic symptoms that resemble schizophrenia.

    Lozinski, who is based in Osoyoos, said while crystal meth is continuing to grow steadily in popularity in the Okanagan, it's not yet the "epidemic" that's been reached in the U.S.

    He said crack cocaine is the main "drug of choice" in the Penticton area, and police are seeing increasing numbers of kids taking ecstasy.

    "Some of the kids have a misconception that ecstasy is a cleaner form of drug, whereas ecstasy is just a derivative of crystal meth," he said.

    He said kids in the 12- to 14-year-old range are experimenting and see crystal meth as a method of weight control, which is "huge" among girls.

    "Once you get addicted, it manifests in your body in other ways and then it's just a big spiral down," he said.

    At $10 to $15 a gram, crystal meth is much cheaper than cocaine.

    Larry Little, chairman of the Okanagan-Skaha School District, said cocaine and marijuana are still the "flavour of the month" in Penticton.

    "When the government approached us about joining with the city in this 'no2meth' campaign, we wanted to work with our community to do something," he said.

    Kids most likely to take drugs are those who have a tough home life and who pal around with older youths and adults who hang around schools preying on the more vulnerable children, he said.

    Mark Tatchell, head of the B.C. government's crystal-meth secretariat, said the drug can be

    presented in different forms and levels of purity "depending on the ingenuity of the crook who's preparing the product."

    He said that while police have dismantled 30 labs in B.C. this year, crystal meth is already in schools.

    "Are we concerned? Absolutely," he said. "Anyone who's in the business of producing illicit drugs is into the marketing schemes. They are in the business of selling the product into existing markets and generating new markets."[/FONT][FONT=Arial,Helvetica]

    I like how it's assumed that Bart Simpson blotter and dolphin logos on E tabs et cetera are a nefarious attempt to get children hooked on drugs.

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  1. Rio Fantastic
    Re: want some candy kid? (more crazy meth dealers)

    A derivative of crystal meth? I'm not too sure, but I think that's total bull. But what I certainly know is bullshit is this whole "dealers selling meth disguised as candy to children". They're not being sold to children to get them hooked, they're disguising the meth so that it doesn't look too suspicous. This is just like the LSD tatoo rumour that went round before, it's all propaganda.
  2. Frivolous248
    Re: want some candy kid? (more crazy meth dealers)

    Yeah...pretty hard to trust authority figures when they have no clue what they are talking about.
  3. Broshious
    Re: want some candy kid? (more crazy meth dealers)

    MethyleneDioxyMethylAmphetamine. It is related to meth.
  4. tayo
    kids should be taught not to accept candy from strangers in the first place.
  5. Orchid_Suspiria
    I don't even buy this"Dealers sell to kids shit."It's just like that big cheese scare,propaganda.Dealing to kids is the stupidest move a drug dealer could make.It's pure suicide business wise and in so many other ways.
  6. tayo
    yeah they're not targetting kids some dealer(stupid one) thought it would be fine if they got stopped by the cops with pixie sticks, thats what it sounds like.. or just making it look less suspicious for younger users? if swim were like 12, nobody would ever suspect that there was some glass in my pixie sticks.
  7. darawk
    Re: want some candy kid? (more crazy meth dealers)

    Related to? Yes. "derivative of"? No. Mescaline is related to meth. Doesn't mean that mescalines effects are in any way similar to methamphetamine.
  8. Broshious
    I've seen it said several times that it's the Methylenedioxy derivative of Methamphetamine. Now the way they're saying it is implying that its effects are similar to Methamphetamine which is wrong, but I wouldn't say that they don't technically have a point.
    I object to them using pink for girls and blue/green for boys. How sexist.

    If there is any truth to the story I do hope (even though overall I dislike children) kids are intelligent and wise enough to not take yummy candy from strangers.
  10. Yukio Mishima
    I do not believe this. It is too much like the aforementioned LSD hoax. It does not say how old they are, but if they're still eating Pixie Sticks, then they must be pretty young. Hence, they don't have any money.

    That website does not look very reliable, BTW.
  11. ♣ Tekken ♥
    how is methamphetamine supposed to taste like sugar?
    and that Bart Simpson acid was wicked, not desigened for kids!! how do you 'hook' a kid onto acid anyway? the opposite will more likely happen!
  12. Orchid_Suspiria
    Swim never got his hand on any blotter with Bart Simpson on it.Methamphetamine tastes nothing like sugar!Well thats what swim hears from those that use it,swim has never tried it and doesn't plan on it.
  13. x cynic x

    Bingo, Swim doubts one would want little kids as specific customers. They cant even get a job, so they never even have real money anyway. Think . . .
  14. Felonious Skunk
    Re: want some candy kid? (more crazy meth dealers)

    Well we could logically extend the argument to: almost all of these things are derivatives of carbon. :D

    And I agree with the sentiments expressed in this thread that the notion of dealers targeting kids is absurd. It would be like trying to sell high-priced pharmaceutical cocaine to the homeless: a few of them would buy--if they had the money.

    Naw, the black market is big enough with adults who either have the money or can steal to get it. This is just another tactic intended to keep the Good Ship Lolli....er,..DrugWar afloat a little bit longer.
  15. Schwag
    Re: want some candy kid? (more crazy meth dealers)

    Yep, those pixy stix would be a lot more expensive than a normal one. Why would a kid pay $5+ for a pixy stick, when they can just go to the store and buy 20 for the same price. That makes absolutely no sense to swim. Now if the dealers where to sell the pixy stix at normal price they will probably loose money because they certainly would not make any money. Swim thinks that right there is proof that this doesn't happen. Swim can't believe that this was even published, don't theese people think? Somebody must be paying them... It's sad that some people actually believe this stuff though.
  16. Orchid_Suspiria
    Be some really happy tweakers if those pixie stix were going for the price of normal ones!
  17. noserious
    like kids have plenty of extra cash to spend. makes no sense to market it that way.
  18. El Calico Loco

    What are you trying to say, man? Pixie sticks are damn good!

    ECL :)
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