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Warning about drug dangers abroad

By GNCSUX, Dec 20, 2005 | |
    Warning about drug dangers abroad
    From: AAP
    December 21, 2005

    A THIRD Australian is facing death in a Vietnamese jail over heroin charges, prompting the government to urge travellers to think twice about getting involved with drugs while abroad.

    Sydney man Trinh Huu, 53, has been handed the death sentence after he was found guilty of trafficking about two kilograms of heroin.
    He joins two other Australians on death row in Vietnam and his sentence comes just weeks after the hanging of Melbourne man Nguyen Tuong Van in Singapore for heroin trafficking.

    There has also been extensive publicity surrounding a myriad of drugs cases in Indonesia.

    Foreign affairs parliamentary secretary Bruce Billson said there is no excuse for Australians not knowing the dangers of getting involved with drugs overseas.

    "It's hard to imagine how any Australian citizen would not be aware that trafficking in narcotics, particularly in south east Asia, is an extraordinarily risky business that attracts very severe penalties ... including in some countries, the death penalty," he said.

    "I can only urge Australians that think it is a gamble worth taking to reconsider that assessment.


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