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Warning over new legal high A3A

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    A new legal high has moved in to take the place of mephedrone which was outlawed last year.

    UUP MLA Leslie Cree has raised concerns surrounding the new drug A3A.

    Websites peddling the white powder state the drug is ‘not for human consumption’ yet also state ‘this drug is new to legal highs’. Like mephedrone, A3A has not been clinically tested so the effects of the drug can only be sought from users.

    They warn it causes anxiety, tiredness but an inability to sleep, sometimes for up to five days, blurred vision, loss of appetite and loss of cognitive functions.

    Mr Cree, who is also a member of the Policing Board said he wanted to warn the young people in north Down as well as Northern Ireland in general about the dangers of A3A.

    “It is much more potent than a number of other drugs such as mephedrone and brings with it a range of serious side effects including heart palpitations, panic attacks, inability to sleep for days and in the worst cases psychosis.

    “I am particularly concerned that this drug will be used as a substitute to mephedrone which was hugely popular for a period of time last year.

    “The issue of ‘legal’ highs is a serious one with more and more of these drugs flooding the market each year. It is important to make the distinction between legal and safe as A3A could certainly not be described as the latter. The fact that they are so readily available is worrying and this is certainly the case with A3A which can be bought over the internet.

    “It is also impossible to know for sure what ingredients are used in these drugs and it is not uncommon that toxic substances are present.

    “I would urge young people to be aware of the dreadful harm associated with this new drug and also advise parents to be particularly vigilant against it. I know that the PSNI are well aware of the dangers of these ‘legal’ drugs and they will be working, alongside a number of agencies, to educate the public about the harm they can cause,” he added.

    A PSNI spokesperson said: “If it’s legal there is really very little we can say about it.”

    Thursday, 27 January 2011


    COMMENT: this one has been getting a fair bit of negative press in the past week or so, and poking around seems to have a very high percentage of negative user reports.


  1. godztear
    Do you think they may be catching on to the fact that they will never be able to stop people from drug consumption?

    I hardly see this as a win for public safety.
  2. organic_chemist
    Here We go again. David Nutt a highly respected professor on the ACMD panel (government panel was sacked last year) - UK, and now that well known pharmacologist and home seceratary Theresa M listens to adviserswho might as well be fresh out of college (sixth form).It's also high time these stupid media sources stopped spreading scarestrories. In one part of the UK three people where supposed to have died from mephedrone (according to press and police spokesman), but no trace was found on postmortem. It's absolute bullshit, the lunatics have taken over the asylum! Would we have got to the moon with twats like this in control?
  3. Heretic.Ape.
    What do these imbeciles think? That taking each new substance that arises out of the legal sphere will, sooner or later, lead to people deciding to go play bingo instead of do drugs?
  4. MrGuy
    I think the main problem is that these drugs don't have a massive ad campaign behind them. Bottom line: big money isn't making big money.
  5. sparkling_star
    If they really cared about trying to protect people from these drugs, they wouldn't advertise news stories that name the drugs. Think about it: A person wants to buy drugs but has no idea how so he goes to the internet. But oh, buying stuff illegal is very difficult. In searches, he comes across a story that says people are taking this chemical that will get them high. Ok, cool, now, he's also ordering something he can legally possess. He gets high. The whole point about how dangerous the drug was gets missed. Who heard of half the things they heard of before the media mentioned it?
  6. Heretic.Ape.
    ^ a very good point. It was like the beginning of the "crack epidemic" in the US. Barely anyone had heard of it until the president is standing on TV holding a bag of rocks talking about this "scourge" that is cheaper than cocaine, and gets people even more high: so great that nobody will stop doing it once they've started it.

    Well of course after an add campaign like that the "epidemic" really started.
  7. 80sbaby
    well , i simply believe the fact that. the goverment needs to understand thier own role in all of this.

    they continually are ignorant to the fact the every counter-measure taken place, directly results in the creation of new substances (which most have no human use in history and are for the most part completely new substances, which short-long term affects are impossible to know for sure)!

    while, if you took this approach, to such as regulate, normal organic compounds, simple. the basic ones used throughout history. simple simple simple!

    if you regulated this, then people would abide, and be cooperative with you and then you would once again have the support of your people!

    and, since the is no race against time to find a legal suitable compound, all these new designer drugs, could be created in the hands of the goverment, under strict monitorying and studying. (im sure everyone would be perfectly ok with this.)

    not only that, but the dea can now focus on strictly apprehending illegal transportation of these compounds!
    Cuz lets face it, the reason most drugs are illegal is because the dea likes thier power!

    if you compromise with the dea and still allow them to have power, but power over the illegal transporters and distributors of the drug. i think this would work.
    decriminalize possession, because its being regulated by the goverment, but anyone caught smuggling in drugs to get around regulations, that would be a case for the dea.

    wat do you guys think? this is what i peicing togeater in my head. im sure everyplan has flaws., but my at least in more realistic and practical.

    * and yes, i completely agree with the above. the general media is controlled by certain people. it is to be portayed in certain aspects! period!
    most is controlled by certain political agendas. to insite fear and false misrepresentation of substances is ethically wrong.
    I must say, never in my life, have i seen a topic been so highly propoganda filled and discriminated!
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