warning over petrol sniffing ( kids )

By witchychick · Dec 23, 2008 · Updated Dec 23, 2008 · ·
  1. witchychick
    John O’Brien of LOST (the Lee O’Brien Solvent Trust) told The Courier, “In the past few weeks we have had a number of unusual solvent abuse cases from service users, ie young people, sniffing petrol and in some cases mixing it with soft drinks.

    “It has also been reported to me that some young children have actually been disguising and hiding it from their parents, and the parents are worried they may even be drinking petrol mixed with a soft drink.

    “We have also had a number of referrals from other agencies and again parents have come across their youngsters sniffing petrol.”

    John, who set up LOST following the death of his son Lee from solvent abuse, continued, “We do our best to get around the community to raise awareness by going into high schools, colleges, youth clubs and Bluelight Discos and the demand on our service is more than sometimes we can cope with at this time of year.

    “Can I ask that you highlight this issue to Courier readers so that all parents can be aware when buying their kids quad bikes and motorbikes that run on petrol to make sure they are responsible and keep control when giving them petrol for their bikes at Christmas-time.”

    Anyone who is concerned about solvent abuse issues or who wishes more information can contact LOST’s new Leven office address at unit 3a, 6 Union Street, Leven, telephone 01333 424555, or phone John on 07910483525.


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  1. Sven99
    Is this actually common, or are the kids just getting ideas from the news articles?

    At least its less silly than wheelie bin sniffing - which I won't post again as I imagine its been posted before.
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