Was Aleister Crowley a Racist?

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    Like another of Robert Anton Wilson's literary heroes, Joyce, Crowley, despite his interesting writings, appeared to be racist. He appeared to be Anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti- Bengali and generally prejudiced, despite traveling extensively and learning about yoga and the Hebrew Cabala and so on. Catherine Yonwode looks at his more inflammatory racist statements. She does however miss Crowley's weird sense of humour. Crowley loved to shock people-- he was never PC.

    One of his statements was that 'niggers' were almost as bad as "Americans". His sneer about the Jews in Palestine being inferior to the "Nazarenes" (Palestinians) seems less outrageous in the light recent events.

    Any one who would really see Crowley as a spiritual leader hasn't understood him very well.;)

    ... We should never have shown our weakness to the Indian student who fills Bengal with the tale of his sexual conquest of white women, our servant girls who took ...
    www.hermetic.com/crowley/confess/chapter54.html The Confessions of Aleister Crowley
    ... The British official in Ceylon is a very different person from his Indian colleague. He is not "heaven-born" in the same consecrated and ineluctable way. ...
    The Confessions of Aleister Crowley
    ... certain to produce disaster. Similarly, hashish, which excites certain types of Arab, Indian, Malay or. {490}. Mexican
    to indiscriminate ...
    The Confessions of Aleister Crowley
    ... In Colombo this world problem solves itself; for the Indian toils, without ambition or object, from sheer habit; the European bosses things, with ...
    ... No one could have suspected that he had a Bengali grandmother. But in the first twenty-four hours I had discovered the truth of the aphorism "Blood will tell". ...
    www.hermetic.com/crowley/confess/chapter53.html The Confessions of Aleister Crowley
    ... brainless Scandinavians usually are. The doctor was a Bengali named Ram Lal Sircar, a burly nigger of the most
    loathsome type. I am not ...

    ...the flabby, moist lips; the patient stupid eyes, and timid, hunted gait of the bad type of Jew. ...
    www.hermetic.com/crowley/confess/chapter77.html The Confessions of Aleister Crowley
    ... A similar case is presented by the Jew, who really does only too often possess the bad qualities for which he is
    disliked; but they are not proper to his race. ...
    The Confessions of Aleister Crowley
    ... character, he had been pauperized by the influx of
    Europeans, and corrupted by the "evil communications" of Greeks, Greeks, Armenians and the objectionable type of Jew ...
    The Confessions of Aleister Crowley
    ... In the previous spasm she had rushed to the registrar the
    most nauseating colopter1 that ever came under my microscope.
    It was a Whitechapel Jew. ...
    Here are fuller texts from three of the above-cited pages: On page 522 of "Confessions" we see one form Crowley's racism takes; he despises interracial marriage in Egypt and he describes the bad effect he feels has resulted from racial mixing between Egyptians, Greeks, Armenians, and Jews, which he calls "admixture of blood." He then goes on to discuss "national" "types of Jews" as if people were not individuals but mere cut-outs representative of race and nation:
    "I had quite a number of other small adventures during my short stay in Morocco. The character of the people corresponds very closely with my own in its more salient aspects. I liked them very much better than the Egyptians, who seem to me to suffer from too much history, too much civilization, too much commerce, too much admixture of blood; and above all, too much cosmopolitanism. The Egyptian has little national character, he had been pauperized by the influx Europeans, and corrupted by the "evil communications" of Greeks, of Armenians and the objectionable type of Jew. The Jew in Morocco is, on the whole, a very fine fellow. He has a religion and a point of honour, to say nothing of his pride of race. It has been said that every nation has the government which it deserves. I would add, the type of Jew which it deserves. His imagination and sensitiveness make him the touchstone of his surroundings." ​
    On pages 762-763 of "Confessions" he describes in greater detail what he has called above "the objectionable type of Jew." In this passage he is teaching the student of magick how to use a horoscope to judge a subject's character and physical appearance, and he opines that the rising sign or ascendent is more important than the Sun-sign in regard to appearance. He begins with the rising sign Aries, which he claims has two qualities, an "active" or "martial" quality and a "passive" or "evil" quality. The "evil" form of Aries rising is identified as Jewish:
    "One must further remark that each sign governs two main types ... the active and the passive. Thus Aries: the high brows, long face, aquiline nose, tall thin muscular figure, shows the fiery and martial qualities of the sign. But there is an evil and averse counterpart corresponding to the ovine nature. We have the gross, hooked, pendulous proboscis; the thick, flabby, moist lips; the patient stupid eyes, and timid, hunted gait of the bad type of Jew. ​
    On Page 471 of the same book we see his opinion of how race should be factored into social relations. Here he instructs the reader in his preferred method of relating to Chinese people. This was written in a passage describing his trip to China:
    "One cannot fraternize with the Chinese of the lower classes; one must treat them with absolute contempt and callousness." ​
    If i had the time, i would open up and look through more of the above-cited URLs for the most precisely racist extracts they contained and post them here. I leave it to you to do the rest of the leg-work, if you choose, and to work out similar searches for any or all of the other secondary search terms i gave above. Please note that the above examples are only the racist expressions from ONE of Crowley's many books, the "Confessions."
    Similar statements of belief will be found in other texts he wrote which may or may not be online and available for such a search. For instance, here's a choice example from a different book:
    "...we [British] always somehow instinctively think of the Italian as a nigger. We don't call them "dagos" and "wops" as they do in the United States, with the invariable epithet of "dirty"; but we have the same feeling."
    "Diary of a Drug Fiend" Book I, Chapter 9 (1922)​

    With respect to charges that Aleister Crowley was anti-Semitic or, more properly speaking anti-Jewish and that evidence of this is found in the preface to the original edition of "777" [This material was suppressed by the editor of the revised edition of the book, Israel Regardie --
    In "777". Aleister Crowley wrote:
    "CAN any good thing come out of Palestine? is the broader anti- Semitic retort to the sneer cast by the Jews themselves against the harmless and natural Nazarene; one more example of the poetic justice of History. ​
    Crowley speaks here as a Christian, defending "the harmless and natural Nazarene" (Jesus) against the "sneer" of the Jews. The rhetorical question -- and hence endorsement of the idea -- that it is "the poetic justice of history" for Jews to suffer persecution by Christians because they (as a race, as a culture, as a religious group) "sneered" at Jesus is a justification that is pandemic in Christian anti-Jewish thought. Entire books have been written which support this logical fallacy, which Crowley endorses, and which has at its extreme the accusation that "the Jews Killed Christ."
    I recommend two recent books on the history of this anti-Jewish viewpoint, both written by Christians who seek to oppose and put and end to the hostility and damage caused by centuries of programmatic Christian anti-Jewish hatred: They are "Who Killed Jesus" by John Dominic Crossan and "The Sword of Constantine" by James Carroll.
    [/INDENT]For more read on here.

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