Watch Swim self destruct whilst posting in a blog

By cuddlesthefox · Oct 3, 2008 ·
  1. cuddlesthefox
    Swims first ever blog entry of any kind! Swim shall stick with the default font and stuff for now, though swim may get more elaborate in the future depending on my mood. Talking of mood, Swim feels like shit.
    Swim has a chest infection and Swims currently necking down 500mg of Amoxycillin three times a day. Swims going through forced opiate withdrawl due to a serious cashflow problem and to top it off swim had probably the worst first group psychotherapy session ever on Tuesday. Swims probably blown any chance of creating a working relationship with the therapists and it was all my own fault. The only way swim could explain the session in words you will relate to is "Swim was coked up to the eyeballs"
    This contributed to the cashflow problem and the chest infection as swim tried to imitate Christian off of Eastenders and turn up in a vest for some reason despite it pouring with rain.
    As soon as the cash situation improves swim's going back to the brown.
    Until then swim will stave off dehydration with diet coke.
    By the Way, is swim right in thinking swimming is still the order of the day in blogs?

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