Watching my first DF storm...

By DHCdiva · Apr 4, 2012 · ·
  1. DHCdiva
    Woah, Nelly.

    Recently there's been quite a lot written to do with reps on DF, earning them, not earning them etc.

    I feel like a tourist who has suddenly noticed there's a tornado hit after only being on holiday for a day or two - not really knowing what to do, or where it came from, but with an overwhelming desire to help the local community to minimise the damage and work with people you don't even know to restore the town to the strong place it was before the storm hit....but also not to be thought of as getting in the way or interferring.

    I haven't been an active member for long. I am guilty of knowing about DF and using it for my own selfish purposes for about a month without registering or repping (I was worried my email address would become known on the forum - I am NOT very computer savvy and am very suspicious and untrusting about the internet!) but one day I thought , "Hell, why not?! These guys have given me so much in the past, even if they do discover my email address, they're members here too..."
    So, I joined.

    And here comes guilty secret number 2. i read the rules and info parts of the forum etc but skipped over the bits about repping as I had information overload and thought I'd read it the next time I logged on. So, for my first few days I read without repping. I'm not even sure if you CAN rep without being a donating member, because (yes, you've guessed it, here's guilty secret number 3..) I STILL haven't checked up on that, even after all this storm has happened!

    After a couple of days of registering, I decided I wanted to become a donating member. That was a few weeks ago. And I am honestly using this forum a lot more than I thought I would. I imagined I'd be just dipping in and out for info about my meds, but here I am writing a blog, and I've tried to chat a few times until my terribly weak connection chucks me off mid conversation, and I've even started a thread and joined in with others.

    And that is how I discovered The Storm.

    I am an interested, neutral observer, open minded but devastated at how upset some members of DF have become about the issue. I neither agree or disagree with the various arguements about the issue, I just want the rebuilding process to begin.

    I have written in a thread that I have been astounded by the amount of genuinely informative, accurate, forum enriching posts that have never been repped....but then is that just because the gem of information I discovered was actually common knowledge to those who weren't newbies?

    Ah hell. What a mess.

    And now I find I've been promoted to Silver Member after not being a member for long....and I feel guilty.

    I haven't made many posts. Yes, I tried to make sure the posts I DO make in the forum threads are useful, but how do you define that? Obviously in my blog anything goes, and there's probably gonna be some boring as hell or stuff that seems to have no valid point written in there but I figure thats what the blogs are for....keep the nonsense blurb for the blogs and the grown up sensible stuff for the forum.

    But it still doesn't change the fact that I feel I haven't deserved the promotion. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful and everything, but I expected to have Newbie status for quite a while, because I don't actually regard my posts as the same standard as some of the other amazing things I've seen written here. Plus I don't really know anybody on the forum, nobody knows me, and I haven't any officially listed friends.

    I am becomming really attached to this forum. I think it's more than attachment, I ENJOY it. Sure, i think it's a little confusing at times and I often get lost and I know theres a billion more things to learn about rules, ettiquette, etc, but I figure that these things take time, and as long as I don't be rude or obnoxious or offensive, I will learn as I go...and I really LOVE learning.

    And I think I might actually love D F, too. No matter what the weather forcast is for the forum that particular day.


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  1. knightsmith
    DF is a good active supportive comminity, its as addictive as the drugs we're dependant on.
  2. DHCdiva
    Well said. I couldn't agree more.
  3. Alfa
    Anyone who has contributed something that another member found useful, deserves to be promoted to silver. Unless a mass of members found the persons contribution problematic. So you have deserved your silver member promotion. Newbie membership can be seen as a small buffer with restrictions. Once a new member has contributed enough to receive 2 stars, the member is promoted to silver. This small difference separates members of undefined quality, with actively contributing members.
    After all, a new member may be a spammer, a troll, a bot, otherwise problematic user, inactive, or can be the greatest poster ever. No one knows, until posting begins. After that a member quickly rises or falls.
  4. Joe-(5-HTP)
    you have a good attitude, and so you deserve anything good you get in my view

    and silver member isn't really 'that' special/important- it's an automatic upgrade

    maybe you're right and you 'got lucky' with this rep, I've certainly gotten in a few threads where I was at the right place at the right time and made a huge amount of rep for not much work- perhaps that was the situation with you

    but perhaps you really deserved it !

    either way, it does not matter because everyone gets lucky breaks so you've not been given an unfair advantage, and when you post more as time goes on you'll start to get a more realistic picture of how much you contribute as a member

    maybe it'll corroborate the view that you are great ! In time we'll see, but if you can't be optimistic til then, just don't form any view at all- there's no room for pessimism though !
  5. DHCdiva
    Aww...shucks fellas....lovely words. thankyou.
  6. enquirewithin
    It is a small step, but keep going!;)
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