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Wayne Carey's brother on drug charges

By Macee, Jul 3, 2009 | |
  1. Macee
    THE brother of AFL legend Wayne Carey has been arrested over the importation of chemicals which had the potential to make $20m worth of drugs.

    Kevin Carey, 47, also known as Dick Carey, appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates Court today with two Victorian men.

    It is alleged Mr Carey transported the chemicals, which were hidden in metal multi-threaded rollers, from Sydney to Woodstock, north of Melbourne.

    He was arrested there yesterday by Australian Federal Police agents who had tracked the 22.8kg of norephedrine hydrochloride which had arrived in Sydney from South Africa on June 25.

    Mr Carey, a 38-year-old man and a 44-year-old man are charged with attempting to possess a border-controlled precursor and attempting to pre-traffick a border-controlled precursor.

    Police did not oppose Mr Carey being granted bail.

    Mr Carey's barrister Tony Burns confirmed his client is the brother of the former AFL star.

    The three men had the matter adjourned until a committal mention on October 12.

    Mr Carey is one of five people arrested in Victoria and Queensland over the seizures.

    It will be alleged after tracking Mr Carey to Woodstock, police seized $25,000 in cash and the chemicals which they say were ultimately destined for Alexandra Hills in Brisbane.

    It will be alleged in court that a 43-year-old South African man organised the importation.
    A 42-year-old man and the South African were arrested in Queensland yesterday.

    The 42-year-old man has been charged with dealing with money or property contrary to the Criminal Code and has been bailed to appear in the Brisbane Magistrates Court in three weeks.

    The South African man will be charged with one count of attempting to possess a border controlled precursor and two counts of importing a border controlled precursor.

    The second count of importation refers to a similar consignment of chemicals intercepted by Customs and Border Protection in Sydney yesterday.


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