We accept the love we think we deserve (Thinking about addiction once more)

  1. LittleBabyNothing
    Recently I have thought about it a lot. Especially after one conversation with my significant other when he confessed that there was a point when he thought that if I do not change after coming out of hospital,maybe it is time to end our relationship, no matter how much he loved me. But I changed and we are still togeather.That time I thought that I am harming only myself, I just could not accept that someone else cares of me and worries about me as well. Now I think I have been very egoistical and I guess it must have taken much to love me in my period of addiction, because I was constantly somewhere on the borderline of life and death,trying to commit a suicide, OD`ing, representing antisocial behaviour etc.I just did not care how much I hurted others.

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