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we all have to say goodbye

By cren · May 13, 2016 · ·
  1. cren
    I feel honored to of known you.
    What little time on earth we have shared I have learned alot from being in your presence.

    You are different from me but I have a compelling feeling of being drawn to you like family. You are not my family but you are my family. Not the kind of family that is an accident of genetics but the kind of family that is formed by a spiritual bond.

    Thankyou for accepting me into your family and allowing me to be your sons partner, despite the fact that we both shared a taste for heroin, alot of parents wouldnot of accepted that. You acceped me anyway.

    I see the good in you. I see your failings. I still love you as I would love a father. Thanks for showing me who you are and sharing that with me. The fact that you did that makes me feel special.

    I never got to tell you the things I really wanted to say. I know you are loving person and a person with a good heart. I will miss your gentleness. I will miss your cynicism and your dryness, I will miss your kindness and glowing eyes.

    You have left behind alot of hurt. I want to fix it, I cant fix others pain. But there are no bad feelings. Just more work cut out for me.

    I want to say goodbye but dont want to let you go.


  1. detoxin momma
    my heart goes out to you cren, i am sorry for your loss (((:)vibes:))))) hugs
  2. Beenthere2Hippie
    What a beautiful post to honor your beloved father-in-law. As Momma said, above, my heart is with you and your husband and family throughout your time of bereavement, a period more difficult than many imagine.

    Time heals and pain is replaced acceptance, but the process is never easy.

    Your dedication and love of this man is obvious and travels through time to reach him in his place of rest. Know that in your heart. It helps immensely.

  3. BB1988
    Beautiful <3 Sorry for your loss.
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