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By Beeker · Aug 10, 2008 · ·
  1. Beeker
    Web delivers new worry for parents: Digital drugs

    Kim Komando

    We all know that music can alter your mood. Sad songs can make you cry. Upbeat songs may give you an energy boost. But can music create the same effects as illegal drugs?

    This seems like a ridiculous question. But websites are targeting your children with so-called digital drugs. These are audio files designed to induce drug-like effects.

    All your child needs is a music player and headphones.

    Understanding binaural beats

    There are different slang terms for digital drugs. They're often called "idozers" or "idosers." All rely on the concept of binaural beats.

    It is incorrect to call binaural beats music. They're really ambient sounds designed to affect your brain waves.

    For binaural beats to work, you must use headphones. Different sounds are played in each ear. The sounds combine in your brain to create a new frequency. This frequency corresponds to brain wave frequencies.

    There are different brain wave frequencies. These frequencies are related to different states like relaxation and alertness.

    Digital drugs supposedly synchronize your brain waves with the sound. Hence, they allegedly alter your mental state.

    Binaural beats create a beating sound. Other noises may be included with binaural beats. This is intended to mask their unpleasant sound.

    Different types of digital drugs

    Some sites provide binaural beats that have innocuous effects. For example, some claim to help you develop extrasensory powers like telepathy and psychokinesis.

    Other sites offer therapeutic binaural beats. They help you relax or meditate. Some allegedly help you overcome addiction or anxiety. Others purport to help you lose weight or eliminate gray hair.

    However, most sites are more sinister. They sell audio files ("doses") that supposedly mimic the effects of alcohol and marijuana.

    But it doesn't end there. You'll find doses that purportedly mimic the effects of LSD, crack, heroin and other hard drugs. There are also doses of a sexual nature. I even found ones that supposedly simulate heaven and hell.

    Do digital drugs work?

    Many are skeptical about the effects of digital drugs. Few scientific studies have been conducted on binaural beats. However, a Duke University study suggests that they can affect mood and motor performance.

    Dr. Nicholas Theodore, a brain surgeon at Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, said there is no real evidence that idosers work. But he noted that musical preference is indicative of emotional vulnerability. Trying idosers could indicate a willingness to experiment with drugs and other dangerous behavior.

    Theodore added that idosers are another reason to monitor kids' Internet usage. And, he said, kids need frank talks with their parents about correct choices.

    "I suspect this 'Pied Piper' phenomenon will pass rapidly and quietly," he said.

    Online, many people have posted their experiences with digital drugs. They tout the effectiveness of binaural beats.

    Or, go to YouTube. You'll see videos of teens experimenting with digital drugs. You can decide for yourself if binaural beats induce drug-like effects.

    Companies that sell digital drugs take both sides of the argument. They say that the doses are extremely powerful. Some are recommended only for experienced users.

    But they often hedge their bets. Some users may be immune to binaural beats, they say. They also say the situation must be right to feel the effects.

    Should you worry about digital drugs?

    Companies that sell digital drugs claim they're safe. Supposedly, they won't affect your physical health.

    Let's think about this for a moment. The sites claim binaural beats cause the same effects as illegal drugs. These drugs impair coordination and can cause hallucinations. They've caused countless fatal accidents, like traffic collisions.

    If binaural beats work as promised, they are not safe. They could also create a placebo effect. The expectation elicits the response. Again, this is unsafe.

    At the very least, digital drugs promote drug use. Some sites say binaural beats can be used with illegal drugs.

    The sites also look favorably on the effects of illegal drugs. So, talk to your children. Make sure they understand the dangers of this culture. It could be a small jump from digital drugs to the real thing.

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  1. lostmente

    fresh meat
  2. Orchid_Suspiria
    Eh this is stupid.Sounds like a huge ripoff to me.Digital drugs ha ha!If only swim could get the same feeling from a pair headphones that he could get from a syringe.If anything this might turn kids away from drugs.They will download this stuff,play it,and think "Getting high must be a waste of time."
  3. chillinwill
    totally agree with you here....maybe this will deter kids from drugs if they actually feed into this bullshit about how music feels just as good as drugs do and they will figure its not even worth it to try drugs....SWIM doubts this will happen but hey you never know
  4. Panthers007
    The script-writer of this linguistic atrocity has headphones on - blasting Elevator-Muzak. If you ever need a job and you're totally burned-out from life, apply at Gannet Press. They publish the USA tome. It proves that if you can't write - just write a grocery list. You'll be perfect!

    "The tunes, Dude! It was the tunes!" Next up - The MEA - Music Enforcement Agency.

  5. Orchid_Suspiria
    Okay swim(is swim even neccessary when talking about this stuff?)found one of these Idoser tracks uploaded on youtube.It even had a trippy little optical illusion.If anything all it did was make swim feel slightly agitated/slightly like falling asleep.Maybe this stuff works on the power of suggestion?I surely couldn't see anyone paying for it.
  6. fnord
    Save The Children!
    Ban Music!!
  7. Orchid_Suspiria
    Well if anything this article shows the insanity of the prohibitionist mindstate,their desire to see drugs and the influence of drug culture in everything,and their tired"SAVE THE CHILDREN"ploy.And if parents are that terrified then they should probably keep a closer eye on the liquor/medicine cabinet than the internet.Or hey even the faucet!Seeing water has more of a potential as a dangerous mindaltering substance than IDoser is.
  8. chl182
    The funniest thing spongebob has ever read of! Music producing marijuana and LSD-like effects? Spongbob's gotta get his hands on one of those...:thumbsup:
    Enough of the binaural bs... Music has always been a drug for mankind since the beginning. Great music can take you places
  9. bcubed
    It's not just the music: kids are getting high off of light! Hide the Christmas tree twinklers!
    And here's a flashing "hangover simluator":
    I DO seem to recall, in my flight training, that 500-800 RPM light flashes are said to be incapacitating. Once had a Cessna, where the blades caught the setting sun at low idle. Not incapacitating, but damn freaky...glad it only lasted a sec or so.
  10. curious1
    SWIM spent well over a year studying binaural beats and monaural and isochronic(no not that type of chronic) beats. And yes they are real. Some monks "chant" at certain freqs and there have been studies on the use of drums sending tribal shamans into hallucinogenic trances w/o drugs in some parts of africa.


    He created a very good "beat" which when others heard it they became euphoric and giddy sometimes laughing their heads off for no reason at all. He is not joking he tried it on a number of people including his friends and his relatives and though sometimes the results were less than others overall it did work.

    But unfortunately they will never reach anything close to a drug because what they are doing is RELEASING certain chemicals in the brain where as most drugs from his understanding MIMIC chemicals.

    So SWIY can only really get as "high" as his brain will let him...

    EDIT: last time swim looked at idoser they were all binaural so they required headphones.

    also binaural beats will only work with headphones on and a audio card that isnt a piece of shit. This is because each ear sends a tone at a different freq(35hz in one ear and 40hz in the other will create a beating sound in your head of 5 hz, sort of like a buzz)

    it is a very interesting topic but it will never replace drugs, though has possibility to help people with many things.

    Also a word of caution, those SWIMMERS who go out and search for these.
    THE WRONG FREQUENCIES CAN RUIN YOUR HEARING. It has affected SWIMs due to one time where he was EXPERIMENTING with a different frequency and left the headphones in his ears. He still has some problems(inner ear pains and at first moderate-extreme tinnitus) but they have been gradually dissapating.

    Read up before you even think about either creating your own or messing around with others.
  11. Panthers007
    It's a very simple method in sociology: Make up a new law. Base it around something no one can say they are against. Then shove it through the legislature: "If you don't want such and such - you hate children! Shriek! Howl! Yell!

    And the law is rammed through. Ta Da! Save The Children! These idiots are very crafty. And this is how they do it. As they come to your house for playing rock & roll and put you in jail. It's the LAW! And no politician who loves the job they got will stand up for the Constitution of you nation. Unless, rarely, you find one who will. And you can guess what the other side will say about them.

    Take a look at the voting records and the "riders" that are attached to every legislative article put before Congress. "If you don't vote 'Yay!' for allowing corporations to own your land - You HATE children!." <BANG!> - your career is shot.
  12. sylenth
    yeah why dont they just have a war on drugs, music, clubs & anything that can make one feel different. walks on the beach are dangerous too... what next?

    digital drugs! wonder if they know about the radiation possibly leaking from their computer screens frying their brains to come up with this shit?
  13. Bajeda
    I don't know what discussion boards they have been reading, but I have seen barely any positive reports about this sort of thing. At most, a few people seem to say they got some placebo like effects from the program. What a stupid story.
  14. elpatto
    Yea SWIM looked into these type tracks a year or so ago, kinda funny to think that some people actualy fork out like 30 bucks for a track that realy is just that.

    I wonder if they will ever getting around to banning rollercoasters, sky diving or even exessive running. All of the above have been shown to have effects on a human, anyone who has been on a realy intense rollercoaster will tell you the rush, almost intoxicating, provided with nothing actualy entering the body.
  15. RaverHippie
  16. bcubed
    So, what you're saying is I could play an "A" on one giutar string, a slightly out-of-tune "A" on another, and get high off the WOW-wow-WOW-wow effect?

    [30 sec later]: attempted, no joy.
  17. Beeker
    They actually banned the sell of light sticks to people under 18 in some US states in the early 21st century. If they don't have light sticks they won't rave!
  18. Mutil
    HAHAH! i guess they should bann lighters and matches so that people won't smoke illegal drugs.

    and they should ban syringes so they won't inject them.

    and they should ban baking soda so they can't cut the drugs and snort them either.

    and they should ban anuses because people might shove drugs up there!

    who knows where this crap will stop?
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