Wednesday afternoon low

By redblurb · Oct 7, 2008 · ·
  1. redblurb
    To call? or not to call? $200 in swim's pocket but she doesn't know.... if she spends it all in one shot, her "responsible" significant other will wonder where it went... or maybe not.... she just gave him a grand... as long as she doesn't ask for some pocket money for a week or two... that means no cigarettes, which is okay, she's only smoked 1/2 a cig in the last two weeks... she can go without... okay, she'll call...crap... answering service... okay, so she won't call again... maybe just go fill up on cadbury's ice cream... or maybe she should try calling once more... okay, just once more... no, no, bad idea... just get something to eat and stop thinking about it... she'll hafta wait until her hands heal up...

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  1. redblurb
    Swim's getting a little ahead of herself...such is life.
  2. Metomni
    Sounds like SWIY knows they shouldn't be buying it, maybe that's a sign. Take care, and don't let the addiction drive your pet. :)
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