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  1. detoxin momma
    i sit, i close my eyes, i inhale ever so slowly,exhale even slower, i focus inward, drawing in all the matter that sits around me, and i am weightless.
    i feel my heart beat,i can feel my lashes flutter against my eyes, like a butterfly, soaring threw the air.

    for a moment, i forget what i was focusing on, i start to drift back down to earth.
    "why did i float up here, why am i looking down, to the earth? i like it up here...

    then i remember, the time isn't right.

    i open my eyes, i see yours, gazing straight threw me.
    my heart loses its pulse. my entire being grows warm, my hairs stand on their ends,like electricity.i can flick sparks off my fingertips. i can feel your prescense encasing me, like a safety blanket, and in this moment, again, i am weightless, i now have the privelage of knowing the feeling of complete MUCHNESS.
    i start to panic.

    no reason to panic, i tell myself, this is all for entertainment.
    surely i'll feel just the same when my feet return to the ground.

    but, no, i lost my heart up in the clouds somewhere, i will float back up and retrieve it, later, when theres nothing but time.
    my soul moves 2 steps ahead of my physical being, saying, "slow down, you are in too much of a hurry"...
    i catch a drift of a scent. its my children. they are laughing and calling me back down.

    "silly Mommy they say. its just a dream......are you listening to us? you seem to be missing something?

    "we are all missing something, i say, its right here," its your heart, don't let it get away....

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    detoxin momma
    Just trying to make it threw life one day at a time.....


  1. LittleBabyNothing
    I like the way you are writing.
  2. Once.up.on.a.time
    Love love love this xxxx
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