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  1. crackcityrocker
    swim is on probation. quite honestly its driving him crazy. he admits that he has a substance abuse problem (finally) after ~4 years of abusing substances. but all he wants is to not be sober. in his opinion this is bad and good at the same time. reality is fucking b(rutal/eautiful). how do you balance them? well shit, thats what life is. a balancing act. why is doing drugs bad? because a substantial amount of people ABUSE them. why is doing drugs good? because if used in a responsible manner they can do good. its hard man. its a fine motherfucking line between doing drugs responsibly and abusing drugs irresponsibly. but down to the problem. swim loves weed. he cant smoke it, he has a PO now. he has to meet with him once a month (he smokes once or twice a month after seeing him because this doesnt pose a problem) but this has turned him into an alcoholic. he used to fucking HATE alcohol. but now.... shit man, it only stays in his system for a few days, why not? this is his only viable alternative to weed. he will tell you right now, after being a pothead for a large amount of time and being an alcoholic for a very short time, fuck it. fuck fuck fuck alcohol. he can do opiates and benzos for a small amount after he sees his PO but hes been turned into an alcoholic! hes always (well, within the last couple of years) been able to watch his intake with """""""bad"""""" drugs. hes quite honestly been able to just use drugs and not abuse them. but now? he needs alcohol to survive. preaching to the choir im sure, but GODDAMN! why cant swim just smoke some fucking weed?! weed is his best anti-drug. a;lckjf;ioajeroijal;kjrl;askjrg aggravation. he hates american civilization.


  1. Rightnow289
    Opiates only stay in your system for 4-5 days not that I am suggesting that SWIY use them!!
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