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  1. bananaskin
    I have been using weed, I've used it for two different reasons on two consecutive nights.
    One was with a friend online who was just there for me to pour out my musings on personal issues in no particular order, at the end of which I came to the most basic of conclusions:
    The other was just to relax... to have some freethought.
    I can see me leaning on it for a bit, I don't see it being for any length of time and I don't consider it a relapse.
    Those that matter to me are OK with it, which helps a lot.

    It was kind of in the pipeline (I have pipes, but rarely use them so no pun!) for a while.

    Small doses here, no major psychedelic dose, just a passive dose for a rather basic but deep need for peace.

    Yeah, it's all good.


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