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Wellington police seize $1.7 million in assets over meth ring allegation

By aemetha, Jul 7, 2016 | |
  1. aemetha

    Wellington police have netted a $1.7 million bounty in a methamphetamine sting after a dawn bust.

    National Organised Crime Group detectives' work has exposed what they say is a methamphetamine supply ring in the capital.

    Police have restrained about $1.7 million in houses, vehicles and bank accounts after arresting a man early on Thursday morning.

    Detective Senior Sergeant Nick Pritchard said police entered a man's property in central Wellington at 6:30am.

    The man was due to face two methamphetamine supply charges in Wellington District Court on Thursday.

    A woman had already appeared in court last month charged with three representative charges of supplying methamphetamine, one charge of possession of the drug for for supply, as well as cannabis supply charges.

    "The two offenders are linked in a methamphetamine supply network throughout the Wellington area," Pritchard said.

    "Today's arrest is the result of detailed work to identify these methamphetamine dealers. It's a great success and a message to drug criminals that police won't tolerate them making money out of drug users and harming the community.

    "It is possible to get free of this drug, and get you and your families' lives back on track."

    The police asset recovery unit restrained more than $1 million of property belonging to the suspect on Thursday, police said.

    Restraining assets mean they are frozen while the suspects face charges and can be forfeited by them if it's proven or admitted they are sourced from drugs money, then they are seized for the Crown's coffers upon a conviction.

    The assets restrained included two houses, two vehicles and bank accounts totalling $105,000 allegedly gained through drug crime.

    They also restrained a house belonging to the woman who was charged last month.

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