Wembley dealer jailed over £8m heroin racket

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    Wembley dealer jailed over £8m heroin racket

    A BODY builder who ran a multi-million pound heroin dealing racket has been jailed for just five years.

    Warren McFarlane, 28, nicknamed “monster”, supplied huge quantities of the deadly drug from the Wembley address of fitness instructor Marlene Nkore.

    When police swooped on Nkore's Bridge Road home on May 29 officers found packages of heroin with a street value of more than £8million.

    Recorder Diana Ellis QC, the judge, jailed muscle-bound McFarlane for five years while Nkore, 23, wept as he was locked up for two-and-a-half years on Friday.

    The judge told McFarlane, who has previous convictions for drugs and violence: “You understand because you made it clear to the probation officer that it's well within your knowledge the damaging affects that can be caused by the use of heroin.

    “It's an illegal drug – it leads to enormous damage in people who use it.”

    The judge told Nkore, who admitted allowing McFarlane to use her flat for heroin dealing: “The gravity of the offence really does require an immediate custodial sentence.”

    Snaresbrook Crown Court heard McFarlane was spotted by cops selling the narcotic from Nkore's home on May 29 this year.

    Officers stormed the flat and seized more than 60 kilos of heroin, scales and a machine for compressing the drug into blocks.

    The total street value of the haul was £8,824,200, the court heard.

    Rodney McCune, defending McFarlane, claimed his client was recruited while pumping iron at a gym by a “Mr Big” named Paul Smith but detectives had been unable to trace him.

    The barrister said McFarlane was offered the relatively paltry sum of £5,000 to shift the £8million of heroin.

    Mr McCune said: “Mr McFarlane agreed to involve himself in this particular exercise for modest financial gain given the value of the items involved.”

    When Nkore then returned home from her shift at Willesden Sports Centre she denied any knowledge of the heroin.

    Prosecutor Caroline Milroy said Nkore “knew that Mr McFarlane was going to use her flat to supply a very large quantity of heroin”.

    The court heard Nkore had no previous convictions but McFarlane was jailed for five years in 2001 after he was convicted of violent disorder and wounding with intent.

    McFarlane also had several drugs possession offences on his record sheet, said Miss Milroy.

    Michael McAlinden, defending Nkore, claimed McFarlane had bullied her into the enterprise.

    She said: “She is approximately 5ft tall - she's very, very small indeed and can easily be intimidated by anybody.

    “All I would say is that Miss Nkore is extremely reluctant to discuss what it was that made her make that decision.

    “She has described to me that Mr McFarlane can be intimidating.”

    McFarlane, of Feltham, admitted two counts of possessing a class A with intent to supply.

    Nkore admitted permitting premises to be used to supply controlled drugs.

    10:20am Monday 30th November 2009


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