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Wendy's Employee 'Forgets' Half-Smoked Blunt Inside Customer's Burger

  1. Rob Cypher
    A Wendy's employee in Lovejoy, Georgia, ended up in jail last month after she allegedly "misplaced" the blunt she was smoking inside a burger that was served to a customer.

    According to TMZ, the customer, Shalon Travis, found the half-smoked blunt in her cheeseburger she purchased on November 1.

    "Upon arrival at home, she took her food out of the bag and noticed a strange odor in her hamburger," Lt. Michael Gaddis told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. " When she opened it, she discovered a partially smoked marijuana cigarette."

    Travis returned to the burger joint and called the cops after speaking with the manager.

    When officers arrived, they confronted 32-year-old Amy Seiber, who reportedly confessed to the crime.

    "They were able to speak with the suspect, who admitted that she was responsible," Gaddis told the paper. "She had been smoking while she worked. When she was fixing the burger, part of the marijuana fell into the burger."

    Wendy's has since fired Seiber and released a statement saying she broke the rules by "not follow[ing] proper food handling steps."

    Travis claimed she experienced "food poisoning-type symptoms" following the incident, which required her hospitalization. However, it remains unclear if she consumed any part of the tainted "bluntburger."

    Nonetheless, the company offered to pay the customer's medical expenses and "has even generously thrown in a $50 gift certificate," according to TMZ.

    Neetzan Zimmerman
    December 5, 2013



  1. RoboCodeine7610
    Don't you just hate it when boring people, with ordinary lives caught up in an unlivable routine day after day make a huge deal out of something really stupid just because it makes their day "different"?

    I mean come on....food poisoning? That's ridiculous. If that had happened to me; I would've simply said "WTF?" and thrown the burger in the trash. Probably would've complained as well. But calling the cops and then pretending to be sick from a burger you didn't eat? come on...find something else to do. Yoga, sports, hookers....I don't know. Just don't make a huge fucking deal about a bad burger you got at Wendy's.

  2. idfma
    Robo, couldn't agree more, but how is she going to be able to sue without some kind of hospitalization? Geez, man, haven't you ever try to get emotional distress damages?

    I have very important question, though: does Wendy's serve anything you could call a good burger? Hell, finding a joint in your burger is like a bonus, or at least the best part.
  3. Healer
    I ATE WEED AND GOT FOOD POISONING. You almost NEED to smoke a joint before eating a wendys burger. Its that "You have to be stoned to eat" food. Not to mention she will probably claim she got high from eating it, which would be even more lolzy.
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