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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    We're winning war on P, says Key

    Customs intercepted 230kgs of the methamphetamine precursor pseudoephedrine from the start of October through to November, Prime Minister John Key said today.

    In early October the Government announced initiatives to combat methamphetamine, known as `P', and interception procedures were strengthened.

    Mr Key said the 230 kilogramme haul compared with 67kg over the same period last year and said 15 arrests had been made.

    "Customs advises that this is the most successful eight weeks on record, stopping what would have been an estimated $84 million worth of `P' hitting the streets with all the consequent harm that causes, " Mr Key said.

    "The success so far from these interceptions is evident not just in the amounts being seized, but also anecdotal evidence that the price of the drug has increased on the streets. "

    Part of the action plan announced in October involved the redeployment of up to 40 customs staff, and Mr Key said more than 140 were now involved.

    "Criminals should be warned that government agencies, including customs, will be maintaining the pressure, " he said.

    "The plan announced in October attacked the `P' problem from all directions - cracking down on precursors, breaking supply chains, providing better routes to treatment, supporting families and strengthening leadership and accountability. "

    Mr Key said the Government would not let up in its efforts to target the trade.

    "We will continue our approach and look at new equipment, new tactics and new ways to combat the trade. "

    - NZPA
    4:00 PM Monday Dec 7, 2009



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