Wet towels turn out to be soaked in cocaine

By RaverHippie · Dec 8, 2008 · ·
  1. RaverHippie
    Wet towels turn out to be soaked in cocaine

    Drug syndicates have found a new way to smuggle in cocaine -- by soaking towels in the drug's liquid form and packing them in luggage.
    The new method was uncovered by police on Thursday at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

    State police Narcotics chief Assistant Commissioner Nordin Kadir said KLIA police spotted a foreign woman behaving suspiciously at the airport.

    Checks showed she was carrying liquid cocaine worth about RM2.2 million.

    He said the 36-year-old woman had flown in from Sao Paolo, Brazil after transiting in Dubai.
    She was pushing her trolley laden with two bags at 3.30pm when police decided to check her luggage.

    They found seven wet towels in one bag and three in the other bag.

    "Tests later revealed that it was soaked in liquid cocaine," he told a press conference at the state police headquarters here yesterday.

    He said the woman was single and ran a cybercafe in Brazil.

    He said she had planned to travel by taxi to Bukit Kayu Hitam and then head towards Bangkok.

    Each cocaine-soaked towel weighed about 1.5kg , each kg of cocaine can fetch up to RM250,000.

    He said police were investigating if she was just a mule or directly involved in drug trafficking.

    Nordin said liquid cocaine-soaked towels were one of the ways syndicates used to smuggle in drugs into the country as it was difficult to detect.

    "She would have succeeded if we did not check her bags thoroughly."

    He said an attempt was made in 2005 to smuggle liquid syabu using the same method.

    The woman has been remanded for seven days.


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  1. teddybearpicnics
    Mannnn, that is crazy amount of money. That's some heavy towels. And what is syabu? Like yaba?

  2. cosmicruler

    This is certainly not a new practise,there has been many cases worldwide of smugglers impregnating clothes and other things to fool authoritys...

    in NZ recently some chinese tried importing liquid methamphetamine inside lava-lamps
  3. Richard_smoker
    dammit! and i'm always wondering how so much of the shit gets over the border! christ, had no idea that one could soak a towel in 1.5 kilos of coke... what do the dogs not smell it as liquid???
  4. cosmicruler
    swim would imagine the dogs WOULD pick it up...but its a numbers game,and there are only so many dogs there to catch the sooo many mules/drugaddicts/people in debt or wanting to make a quick buck!!!
    also some of the better organised/richer crime syndicates no doubt payoff officials in the rite places....!!!
  5. Spare Chaynge
    Interesting... swim knows a swiy that would carry most of his drugs ,for example lsd .2c-e in water bottles and travel.. until the liquid ban.
  6. Richard_smoker
    lol, yeah now that you mention it i knew a guy in college who didn't even think twice about tossing some ecstacy pills into a jagermeister bottle and flying from amsterdam to the US with the bottle in his stuff. -DICK
  7. aerozeppelin123
    Ouch, don't envy that woman getting caught trying to pull that off, especially not in a country like Malaysia
  8. yaba
    when swim was in London one of his friends used to go to Thailand and buy liquid ketamine, and walked on the plane with his bottle of water in his hand...
  9. teddybearpicnics
    That is smart because the dogs aren't trained to pick up the smell of K, and if that dog was ever put under, He would be running far away from you! haha!

    Swim had a friend who had a neck pillow for his plane flight from Seattle to PA, and he had 2 oz of coke in it. He also brought back 8 different kinds of headies, hash oil, mad xanax bars and some real opium. Here's the clincher......HE LEFT THE NECK PILLOW ON THE PLANE because he was zonked out for the xanax and they had to shake him awake once the plane landed, he was all discombublated and he just ran off the plane because he was so nervous they would find his stash! Swim was so bummed out because he was like yeah I got 2 oz of pure yayo...then we get back to swims appt, and he's like ummm where is my neck pillow???

  10. Richard_smoker
    yabba, teddy--both funny stories.

    teddy, that's perhaps the craziest of the entire load of smuggling stories i've ever heard...obviously your friend is missing some marbles, right?? just wondering. i guess that all the xanax helped him not act like complete head case looking all around, whistling, imaginary people behind him saying, "hey. hey...hey...Hey!" that's what'd happen to swim. no doubt! he'd give himself away with all the extreme paranoid ideation and that damn voice--"Hey..hey!"-DICK
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