What a deal!

By Mick Mouse · May 29, 2014 · ·
  1. Mick Mouse
    So, my youngest daughter is ready for her first car. She has been saving her money, and I told her that I would match anything she could put together. Well, this past Saturday, it was time. We went to the family of car dealers I have been using since 2007 and picked out a 2009 Jeep Liberty for her While I am waiting for the salesman to get there for my 7:00 AM appointment, I am listening to the radio and I hear them advertising their memorial day sale-first person in the door who asks for a car for one dollar gets it.

    So I asked. And I got it! A 1999 Chevy Cavalier, it has a straight body, no rust or dents/dings, interior is good, it just has 197,000 miles on it. But it only cost a dollar! Well, a dollar and six cents, because I had to pay tax.

    I'm driving this thing home, and the engine light comes on. No big deal, I follow the KISS principle, toss in a bottle of cataclean emissions system cleaner, drive it for 100 miles and the light goes out. Head over to emissions testing to get plates transferred, and while I am sitting there, the stupid thing starts to over heat. So, no emissions testing. I need a new waterpump. And a new drive belt. And antifreeze, along with all of the other crap that goes along with changing a water pump.

    Now I am about 125.00 into this car, but it is still a smoking deal. Still, I call the dealer and complain, because I just dropped 9000.00 on this Jeep, with a 2000 down and my old car as a trade-in. traded in a car that ran for a car that didn't. About a hour goes by and there is a knock on my door.

    It is the fucking salesman, who came over to my house on his day off and with his tools, to see if there was anything he could do! This guy sits out in my driveway and replaces the waterpump and everything else for me.....I bought the parts, but he showed up out of the blue and did all the work for me. And would not take any compensation for it, either.

    This car is running like a top, has no leaks now, and is ready to drive.

    Now, THAT is a deal! Plus, I took the Jeep in for emissions testing and it passed the test but failed the diagnostic section. Called the dealer to see what to do, and they said to bring it in. 900.00 dollars later, it is fixed. All at no cost to me, and for something they did NOT have to do!

    AND they give me a 2014 KIA optima.....68000.00 car as a loaner!

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  1. Mick Mouse
    It can never be easy, right? It would seem that now there are title problems with this new one dollar car I bought! The previous owners traded it in with just a registration and said they would bring in the title at a later date.....which of course never happened. Not that they care, they got their new car already!

    Now I can't get it put in my name and my old plates transferred over until these title issues are taken care of. So, I had to get the dealer to give me a temp tag for 90 days, until they can track down these previous owners and get everything straightened out.

    Stupid car.
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