What a Dumbass

By Curtains · Mar 12, 2005 · ·
  1. Curtains
    <H1 =line>Kingsland Man Accused Of Setting Up Meth Lab In K-Mart Bathroom
    KINGSLAND, Ga. -- A man who created suspicion by collecting items from various department of K-Mart and taking them into the restroom just before closing time Wednesday arrested after police said they found him operating a methamphetamine lab in the bathroom. </H1>
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    <H1 =line>According to Kingsland police, store security began watching Eddie Young, 34, when he came back into the store after making a purchase. After seeing Young get a Coleman lantern from sporting goods and various over-the-counter drugs from the pharmacy area, they said he took the items into the store's restroom. </H1>
    <H1 =line>Store employees reportedly went into the bathroom to tell Young the store was closing in a few minutes, they became even more suspicious and notified police. </H1>
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    <H1 =line>Finding a powder that tested positive for methamphetamine in the bathroom, Young was arrested for possession of items to manufacture methamphetamines and possession of a controlled substance.
    <H1 =line>http://www.news4jax.com/news/4275591/detail.html</H1>

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  1. turfshark_40
    I think his balls are bigger than his brain
  2. Muirner
    WOW, what a guy, if u dont have the money to buy the shit take it into the bathroom and cook it in their. [​IMG]

  3. DrugPhreak
    I heard this guy use to sell someshit!
  4. poweredbyhate
    Wow. That's crazy. Did he honestly think nobody would
    notice him cooking up some meth in the bathroom? Maybe meth
    really is easy to make if a guy like that could do it...
  5. Pinkavvy

    it's easy to make bad crank ... a few times .... before something stupid happens.

    it's hard to make good meth without something stupid happening.
  6. DrugPhreak
    Even though they are not suppose to do soby law many stores have pinholecameras in their bathroomsso they probably havethis on tape too, but I seriously doubt such evidence would be submitted at court as this would bring legal charges against the store also. At some stores just about all the cameras are phony, but unless you find out for sure through someone that really knowsassume they are all real.
  7. jrock0069
    [​IMG]Thats the funniest shit I've heard for a long time. Seriously, when I read this I started to laugh my ass off. This is why stupid people shouldn't do drugs. I bet that shit stunk up the whole store.
  8. moldie
    SWIM has had quite a bit of experience with the manufacture of methamphetamines. Coleman lantern, fine, otc pharmaceuticals, of course,k mart bathroom, no? It is absolutely impossible to do a full cook from start to finish in thek mart bathroom. Even if he had purified pfed, reliable rp, and iodine crystals on him, not to mention all needed equipment to do a push-pull for example, he would still have to extract and crystalize his honey. It's more than likely he was getting high and taking a shit at the same time, had speed on him, as well as some of the equipment he was intending to bring back to the lab. He was probably getting really high while sitting on the toilet and decided to take his new coleman lantern out of the package and look at it. "Look he's got speed on him and why is his lantern out of the box, must be cooking meth in the bathroom, call the newspapers we've got a story here."
  9. fletch
    haha moldie i couldnt agree with you more, but that kind of story just doesnt reach headlines.
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