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By rokman nash · Jun 14, 2009 · ·
  1. rokman nash
    Having spent enormous amounts of time on this forum in the last 6 months or so, Dave wonders if DF is replacing some of his previous addictions. Its an interesting question for him, because before he spent most of his time thinking, and acquiring the substances he had/has a problem with. Now he spends his idle time reading about others similar problems, or about the substances he has had problems with in the past.

    So he has wondered if DF is part of the problem or more of a cure(for him). He has tried to stay away (and sorta succeeded), just to see if DF was a subcontious trigger, and found out he really needed DF. His wife wondered if this was becoming a problem also, and decided that(like Dave had), that it did more good than bad.

    So here Dave is daily, and he has no intentions of leaving, hopefully able to help another person or two. This site is really like no other that Dave ever encountered. Dave has never been a computer person until finding DF, but can say now that without this site he would truly be lost. This is no bullshit here, DF is a resource that should be screamed to the heavens, cause whether your a user or a recovering junkie, it could be the difference between life and....

    Good Thoughts:thumbsup:

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  1. chillinwill
    Totally agree with Dave here. Red Rock feels the same way about this forum and after a while in his recovery, thought that it might be hurting him because he was still focusing a lot on drug use and whatnot which is not his lifestyle anymore. Come to find out, Red ROck still needs this forum very much.
  2. Alfa
    I really like this aspect of drugs-forum, as a member support platform.
  3. Sushi
    I'm happy to hear from Dave again.
    I was almost disconsolate when I saw "we're closed" sign on Descent thread. As a newcomer to DF I was a latecomer to it and felt like I missed important parts of it. Almost forgot Dave writes a blog too.

    Yes, DF is addictive as hell. It is a part of problem surely. What do addicts and users do when they are not using? Talk, think, read about "it". It all revolves around certain subjects and objects that some creatures find stimulating and absorbing.

    Then again, in case of DF, this addiction consists primarily of reading and communicating, learning and teaching. These are actually very good things, not destructive at all. Useful and helpful rather, indeed.

    As a computer person I agree fully with Dave, I have never seen any site like this one. Not only becuase of its admitedly exciting subject. Also (mainly) becuase of the rules and organisation of debates held here.

    Setting simple rules (no flaming, criticize theories not people) and enforcing them strictly created this safe and friendly environment and that's why I mostly feel calm when I come to read answers to what I posted. I know that I will not be called "fag", "noob" or "idiot", probably not even when I post something idiotic ;)

    And it's not the only reason why DF is extraordinary.
  4. MrG
    You know the balance is right when SWIY spends more time reading, learning and discussing about ways to safely get high than actually getting high.
  5. ex-junkie
    its massive harm reduction. hardly a problem. surely swiys wife understands this, and can see it as therapeutic. ;)
  6. cyndi
    Swim thinks reading similar stuggles helps her with her own. Basically there are other people out there that screw up too and she can learn and identify. She could spend a day here just going thru everything. She also isn't a computer person so yeah it causes issues with the hubby too.
  7. cra$h
    This forum has been double edged for swim. It made drugs like LSD and heroin not seem so big and bad, but it also kept swim safe in usage, and now is helping swim recover. Definitly swim's new addiction haha! But this is an addiction that isn't going to zap swim's brain like a fried egg
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