What does our biggest global religious institutions share?

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  1. nofunclub
    one thing that binds them together is..
    their belief in the SAME God ABRAHAM worshiped.

    Are All funded over the same idea of creed.

    They Are even sharing the same ancient religious location...
    The Old Jerusalem.
    so what seems to be the problem?

    the problem is and always was that these
    fundamentalistic and dogmatic groups
    always clamed to be the only ones that believed correctly.
    They disagreed so much about
    who was right and who was wrong,
    that they compleatly forgot the fact that
    they actually praise the same divine force....
    The God of Abraham
    Not only do they have a 1000year history of KILLING eachother
    for the purpose of liberating the HOLY LAND.
    When they wasn't occupied killing eachother to prove
    that their God was better than the others,
    they killed theire own people in the name of
    the one and only merciful GOD.
    Wiping out the believe and practice of the satanic pagan traditions,
    with the help of bloodstained steel and public barbecues.
    And the survivers wasn't left with much choice
    of wich God to send theire gratitude for surviving.
    Having theire old sacrificial pagan places of worship
    rebuildt with new palaces of worship.

    Dont forget that 3 of the major religions in the world,
    Christianity, Islam and Judaism have the same origins,
    praising the exact same God..
    the same God Abraham had in his heart..

    why all this war?
    why are they killing in the name of God?.
    why do they hate eachother so much,
    saying.. My religion is holier than yours
    killing in the name of any god,
    or with any spiritual purpose,
    blood dripping ritual sacrifice.

    The holy inqusition was killing as much people
    as any other murderous asswhole in imaginable historic time.

    ritualistic bloodshed
    with a spiritual purpose..

    I dont care what you people believe.
    as long as you are real and honest to yourself about it.

    fundamentalistic and dogmatic preaching,
    is often full of disrespect towards ANY real or
    imagineable ddifference.
    some is even going as far as condemming you to hell,
    and blaming blasphemy on you for even
    suggesting that the muslims believe in the same God.
    try to mention that the old testament And the quoran
    have MANY ( if not most ) of the same stories..
    Islam is even talking about Jesus.
    ISLAM have Jesus as a PROPHET
    the only difference is that they think Mohammed was
    slightly more important..as a prophet.

    as you know about the deadsea scrolls .
    the Bible sourcecode, if I may say so,,
    but it is also just as true, that
    before the scrolls was found ,,, and after they where hidden and forgot,
    the modern Bible was COMPILED..
    where the Jewish Thora was the source..

    I will even suggest that christianity ,
    originates from the same Gnostic traditions
    as with the Jewish and Islamic tradition..
    the "Hermetic" teachings was very influencial..
    the Jewish tora is also coming out from the "hermetic" teachings.
    but more so, the kabbalah.
    the book of Jewish mystic symbolism and numerology..
    and what is that hermetic religion coming from?
    egyptian gods
    and farao mysticism..

    The gnostic tradition is based on ancient
    ritualistic and experience based spirituality,
    where the
    Personally, I think the basic differences is
    mainly the Cultural and Historical ones...
    even the holiest of places is shared between the
    mighty and powerful trinity religions..

    jerusalem: and the temple mount,,,
    THE single most spiritual location in our hemisphere.
    ( I might disagree in that though )
    the holiest of holy, where you go to pray.
    to meditate, and maby even inducing
    religious 'visions' through the performance
    of numerous traditional techniques, ..

    many of the basic tecniques used by
    the "trinityreligions" in meditation and rituals,
    can be recognised in most of the religious cultures
    and historic traditions .
    Egyptic mysticism was also a part of the whole
    gnostic movement starting from atleas around year 50 after christ(AD?)
    some even clame that the gnostics have even older
    origins in the ancient mesopotamic knowledge..
    the socalled cradle of human civilization.
    ( evt older cultures, if any, was possibly pulverized by the iceages
    the last iceage ended about 10000 years ago, after having
    covered the northern ( and southern) hemisphere in
    a several kilometer thick layer of all pulverizing Ice..
    anything that might have been here before that,
    from small houses, even giant citys made from concrete,
    would have been totally pulverized from being treated
    by multikilometerthick ice , moving and grinding for 4-5000 years..

    god is god, nomatterwhat.\
    it don't matter what cultural and historical perspective
    I see it from.
    god will always be god..
    How can you describe god ?
    put 50 people on the job,
    people from different cultures,
    and as a thought possibility,
    from differend historic periodes

    If you do some "practical" research into
    a few different mind/body meditation techniques
    you will find out that they all are
    ( more or less efficient )
    useful for the same purpose.

    to alter the state of your mind and your perceptions.
    in order to get "there",
    with God,
    in a spiritual extatic experience.
    sometimes even
    experiencing divine revelations and
    prophetic visionary experiences..

    reaching Nirvana
    feeling one with the world and/or the universe.
    being touched by God/Jesus/mohammed/dionysis or the
    universal spirit , our life source.
    the creator of all
    our biological mothership, mama spaceball..

    in this altered state of mind,
    many have experiences/imagined communicating
    wit someone/thing originating from somethin outside your own head..
    The altered state of mind can open up for a Wider "frequency range",
    allowing you to "tune in to stations, you normally cant recieve"

    in this altered state of mind
    many have met god and jesus.
    many have met angles
    some even clame having talked with Elvis..
    David icke envisions his communications
    to be with aliens and reptilians..

    I have been studying religionS and spirituality for over 20 years.
    I will not clame to be an expert on the topic...
    but I Do have some knowledge about what I talk about.
    I have indepth knowledge in different tecniques
    and methodes intentionally used in order to
    alter/shift the state of mind to a meditative state,
    for spiritual purposes.

    next time someone from a different Faith base ( religious/cultural tradition )
    try to look away from the differeces in
    methodes and words.
    and instead try to pay attention to the
    reasons , purpouses and intentions for
    choosing to alter the state of your mind
    in religious meditation/ prayer and/or
    spiritual experiences..

    then shift the attention towads the differences/ similarity
    in symbol use and methodes of praying/meditating/ritualising..
    if you don't allow yourself ( directed to those of you less tolerant one )
    to be just as tolerant as advocated in most every religions holy scriptures
    the Bible/quoran/tora/+++++ ,
    even the spiritual teachings, based on the oral storyteller tradition,
    "is Preaching Love , Tolerance and respect "

    the indigonus spiritual traditions, is the oldest continous
    spiritually world view, mostly, even today, an ongoing tradition.
    Tha aborigonies in Australia, still prefering the storytelling methode
    to orally/verbally share their knowledge, experience and visdom.
    a tradition they still CAN TRACE their unbroken traditiond back to their early ancestors..
    Human Beings who lived their life 50000 years ago....
    genetically, no different than you and me.,

    in todays world
    I see/feel an overwhelming flow of
    spiritual energies.
    Apart from the "main Bulk" of spiritual love
    mainly flowing intwined with the magnetic meridians of our planet,
    where we can tap/release ourselves..
    to "charge our batteries" or releasing negative tension,
    like fex, fear, depression , anger or hate.
    without going into detail, it functions more or less similar to
    many praying traditions .and it seems to be easier to allow
    such "flow of energy" in an alteren state of mind..

    the altered state of mind, must NOT be confused with
    being the religion or the spiritual experience.
    that connection is there, but as a sensatory organ.
    that you can learn to know, develope and use.
    as a tool for spiritual experience.
    ex... how does a dog communicate?
    with bodylingo only?
    nop.. a dog is also using its empathy,
    to sense emotional energy .
    by learning to trust your intuitiion "and empathic feelings"
    you can learn how to use this sensatory apparatus..

    next time you Pray, or whatever you call it, if you do it.

    Ask them to show you.
    and they will..


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  1. detoxin momma
    my God, if i tried to write something like this my anxiety would have me trembling like a leaf....hope this goes away eventually.
    i really enjoy your blogs nofunclub,very interesting and i really like how you embrace typos, love it:cool:
    i could use an auto correct to, but i dont:cool:

    when i had an experience like this recently, i definetly communicated with outside sources, but like you said, only threw body lingo.
    but you hear it just the same as you would had the mouths been verbalizing.

    Jesus appeared to me late one night,took my pinky finger,and asked, " are you ready?"
    with nothing but his eyes and a smirk.

    ready for what, I dont know. for death? to live? both ive assumed.

    i've wondered even how did i assume this was Jesus?
    well,the feeling of warmth and pleasure i felt was indescribeable, and i felt 1000000% sure about it!! still do even 6 months later,changed my entire outlook on life.
    even if i meditate on that moment i can bring those sensations back,its very difficult to describe.

    so, thats why i really enjoy your blogs.
    you put it all out there.

    nofun, did you know jesus was crucified when he was 33?
    this number shows up everywhere to me now,all day long,in movies,everywhere....and i am 33.....so weird to me.
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