What Drugs Forum mean to Swim

By cra$h · Aug 15, 2009 ·
  1. cra$h
    It's amazing how much this community has effected so many lives, and I'm thinkin swim has been touched the most.

    DF has taught swim to not trust the media. Swim has learned that every news story isn't intended to inform the masses with current events, but to create a TV show based on real life events to create shock value. It seems like there's not much difference between cops, and CNN. He now nitpicks every story, and they end up causing more questions than answers. Their biased shock value entertainment has become easily detectable by reading some of the responses to news stories on this site.

    DF has taught swim to be open minded. Before swim joined this forum, he pretty much went with what ever views everyone else went with. Not a total conformist, but kept up with social standards. Now he does his best to see things from all angles, and form his own opinion based on the facts given. By doing this, he has expanded his general knowlage and is now the one explaining things to his fellow comrades.

    DF has taught swim empathy

    DF has determined swim's career. Before DF, swim wasn't really sure what to do with his life. He had considered graphic design and wanted to get into designing advertisements due to the psychology involved. Then from DF he learned he like psychiatry, and decided to be a psychiatrist. He then realized that his most knowlagable subject is drugs, and he loves his drugs, so why not make a career over it? Swim wants to get into pharmacology research for psych drugs, as he feels that a lot of banned substances have potential for legitimate use. Basicly wants to be the alexander shulgin of opiates, and the tim leary of psychedelics.

    DF has taught swim that drugs are ok. Now this hasn't been all good, but swim came to this site looking for people with experience with cocaine. At the time he had only experimented with marijuana and alcohol. This is the same time where he was totally against his friend trying mushrooms, and well, swim's a total hippie. He feels blessed that he had coughed up the gonads to try out psychedelics, but at the same time sees a drug as a drug, wether it be marijuana, or heroin. If it wasn't for this site, he would NEVER think of trying drugs like oxy, but DF showed swim that it's really ok, just be careful. Now don't get me wrong, we don't brag about how glorious drugs are, and we advice against a lot of drug use, especially to people trying a new drug, but in swim's mind, he realized that its his civil right to do what he wants to his body. In swim's case, it's drugs.

    DF has shown swim the good side of drug users. Before, swim thought most druggies are just highschool dropouts. Now, he sees that drug users know a lot more than non useres. They obviously have street smarts, but swim was shocked to see how deep member's understandings of drugs are like the chemestry and neurology behind the drugs. It seems like members know more about the body than a lot of doctors! And swim tries to emphisize these members when speaking of drugs to people.

    DF has saved swim's life. If it wasn't for the great CWE, swim's liver would be fucked. He now knows how to properly administer drugs, and at what dose. Although he has yet to inject a drug, I bet swim can tell you more about how to do it right than the average user. And as far as dosing and safety goes, this site has been invaluable.

    DF has saved swim a ton of money. Swim has discovered the most efficient method of injestion, and how to potenate most drugs. Can't ask for anything more really.

    DF has taught swim about his body/chemestry. Swim has become a little drug nerd because of this site! He's learned things about drugs that fellow users have never even thought about. He's learned a lot about neurology down to the effected receptors, and how they interact with things. He has also learned more chemestry here than he has in his highschool class. He learned how and why reactions work and chemical compositions and such. He's still learning a lot about both topics, and this is something he can always learn something new. This is a big reason why he's taken the career path why he has, he'll never feel "done".

    So there's the big reasons. I'm sure swim will think of some more though. Now I want to thank Alfa for this AMAZING site. I really hope he reads this and sees how much DF has effected someone's life. This is swim's community; he can identify with just about every member and cares for them like family. Swim doesn't care if he sounds like one of those people who have never seen any of his friends because they're all online because he does actually have real life friends haha. But the people here have been invaluable to swim. You guys are increadible.

    On a final note, I just want to say that thanks to the people here at this site, you have altered the course of someone's life; all in all for the better.

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