What Happens In Romania

By MushroomTrip · Nov 18, 2005 · ·
  1. MushroomTrip
    I live in Romania and i have some news about what heppens here. First
    of all, if you live somewhere where it grows industrial cannabis, which
    has a very low thc rate or not at all you can get arrested.

    Second of all, if you're caught with drugs, and you start to talk what
    they want to know - who you took from and which other persons you know
    that are using drugs, you can get away with it. The laws are horrible,
    and the cops are bitches. Literally, it's very unsafe because you can
    trust almost nobody. So, you have to hide and be VERY cautious because
    the romanian police pays people to go into the clubs and make friends
    and then turn them in - the ones that uses drugs.

    We have no protections, and there's no difference made between the ones who sells and the ones which consumes.

    Well, that's all I wanted to say, Romania sucks, the police sucks,
    almost everybody here sucks. Ans we just have sooooo carefull, a
    cautiousness that can bring you very close to paranoia.

    Oh, yes and for one pill toy get one year of prison, and so on.

    Any comments?


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  1. Alfa
    Yeah, what about mushrooms? I heard they are legal in Romania.
  2. MushroomTrip
    It's not a specific law that interdicts them - refered
    as psilocybe mushrooms, but the there arelaws that interdict the
    possesion of anykind of substances, pills, or plants that are known or
    prooved to have a hallucinogenic effect. So it's pretty much the same.
    I just ordered a mushroom growkit, these days I have to go to get it. I
    hope I won't have any problems. As soon as I get it, I'll let you know.</span></span></span>
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