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  1. Buzybee
    I'd like to begin with telling you all this is not a break down/midlife crisis event.

    This ole Bee and co have debated, deliberated, basically not made decision for too long on our lifestyle. It's always been too easy to use outside influences and commitments to rule our existence.

    But when you start to realise that life is not directed by you, but basically by various substances that are enabling us to float and cope. We have come to the edge, the comfort zone has become a cage. At middle age changing is always seen by our peers as weak and a cop out. But we are throwing it out there and having a go.

    We can leave our home and hopefully rent it and just get in the car and go and put it out there and do life! Jobs we've never considered, life styles and change of everything.

    What is your opinion, I know some of you feel the same from your blogs and posts? Your feedback and comments would be so welcomed. It is scary leaving this life however limiting it is, and facing the unknown. But we don't want to look back and say what if ??

    Hoping this doesn't sound petty and selfish,

    Hugs bbee


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